Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor
for Praxis

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Product news: colourful LED torches shaped like the handlebar grips of BMX bicycles by British designer Alexander Taylor have gone into production with Hong Kong brand Praxis.

Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

“I had a BMX until I was about 14," says Taylor. "I still have a certain nostalgia for its mushroom grip handlebars. It just made perfect sense to make a torch based around that.”

Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

A circular funnel that directs the light from the LED is attached to the ribbed silicone handles that give the torches their name.

Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

The red version of the torch was first launched at The Conran Shop during London Design Festival 2012.

Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

Praxis is a new brand specialising in small silicone objects. It's also producing a selection of small pots that can't be left open by Slovakian designer Tomas Kral and bird-like containers by Swedish designers TAF.

Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

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Photographs are by Alexander Taylor Studio.

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  • Yiannis Ghikas

    Very nice Alexander!

  • alilbitofevrything

    Next week on Dezeen: “Colourful dildos shaped like the handlebar grips of BMX bicycles”

  • ekklfy23

    As a BMX user, I definitely want one : )

    Nice design, but front wide rubber part is left unused as just a static design element. Could be flat LEDs, covering a wider area.

  • andi

    If you accidentaly leave it on and put it upside down like that, the rubber skirt won’t let light shine underneath and you’ll end up with a dead flashlight.

  • Brian Howarth

    Where’s the switch?

  • Damian

    Reminds me of a plunger.

  • dgd

    Reminds me of Oxo’s design! Not in a good way.