Made in Japan
by Antrepo


The pared-down logos found on vintage Japanese cameras inspired Istanbul-based design consultancy Antrepo to create conceptual minimal logos for web brands like Facebook, Google and YouTube (+ slideshow).

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Antrepo, led by designer Mehmet Gozetlik, based the Made in Japan project on 35mm SLR cameras manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

The designers noticed that cameras made by Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Minolta in that period all featured simple line drawings in place of the brands' logos, which were normally much bolder.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

The line drawings cut production costs by making them easier to apply to the metal camera bodies, Gozetlik explained to Dezeen.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Antrepo took the colourful logos of contemporary web-based companies and services like Instagram, eBay and Twitter and turned them into stark monochrome designs.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

The new logos appear to be etched into metal, echoing the appearance of the vintage cameras.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

We previously featured Antrepo's minimalist take on well-known food packaging designs.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Earlier this month we reported that famous brands including Heinz, Marmite and Levi's had produced "unbranded" versions of their products for sale at London department store Selfridges.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Last week American Airlines unveiled a new logo and livery for its aeroplanes, while designer Yves Béhar recently revamped the packaging of skincare brand Nivea – see all graphic design on Dezeen.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Here's more information from Antrepo:

Made in Japan

Canon AE-1, Nikon FTn, Ashai Pentax ESII, Minolta XG-1 – these cameras are some of the Japanese 35mm SLR cameras from the vintage '70s and '80s, the "Made in Japan" era, when Japan set the global standard of producing quality.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

When we take a look at the vintage 35mm cameras, we notice that almost all of these brands used the same style for their logos and typography – line-based logos and extended-outline fonts.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

Almost all of these brands used bold logos on their packaging or advertising in the '70s and '80s.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

The production industry created line-based logos for the metal bodies, probably to cut down the production costs. So we try to see the digital world in the same perspective of this vintage style.

Made in Japan by Antrepo

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