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3D printed houses are
"not that far off"

3D printed houses are "not that far off"

Interview: earlier today, London studio Softkill Design unveiled plans for a 3D printed house. We spoke to Softkill's Gilles Retsin about the viability of printed architecture and how he intends to print a plastic dwelling in just three weeks.

"When we started this research, it was a kind of science fiction," he says. "It's not actually that far off any more." More »

Dezeen Music Project: Byrds in Heaven
by Human Machine

This track by Human Machine is a tribute to the late, great trumpet player Donald Byrd, who passed away last week. Byrds in Heaven is a gentle electronica track, which features a mournful sample of Byrd's playing.

The track was sent to us by Love Our Records, a UK-based online record label that releases a free download each week. Check them out here.

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