Chinese newspaper headquarters
compared to huge penis


China newspaper headquarters resembles huge penis

News: after buildings that look like giant underpants and a stack of toilet rolls, here's a tower in Beijing that has been compared to a giant penis.

Seen from one angle, the scaffolding on the upper levels gives the tower an obviously phallic appearance, as internet commenters pointed out this week.

The 150-metre-high building, which will become the new headquarters for the Chinese state newspaper People's Daily, in fact has a wedge-shaped silhouette.

China newspaper headquarters resembles huge penis
Visualisation of completed building

The Chinese government has attempted to block internet users in the country from searching for images of the building, but carefully worded messages have spread the word across Weibo, China's biggest social networking service.

"It seems the People’s Daily is going to rise up, there’s hope for the Chinese dream," said one message.

Others made creative use of Photoshop to illustrate how the tower might fit between the "legs" of the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters in Beijing, which was designed by OMA.

See more towers with unfortunate likenesses, including one that looks like a pair of trousers, or see all skyscrapers on Dezeen.

  • aleks

    Well, it’s not that big. Could be bigger :)

    • Janet Wilkinson

      Yeah, I am sure women would still complain that it’s not big enough.

    • Norberto Miranda Feldhahn

      Always can be bigger.

  • DigitHAL9000

    Was it really necessary posting this article? Compared to usual posts this is much less professional.

    • Colonel Pancake

      You haven't been a Dezeen reader for very long, have you?

    • blah

      But it looks like a pee pee! I imagine that was the deciding factor on this one by the editoral staff. I swear they have a dartboard to decide content.

    • gudruncordula

      I think it is absolutely necessary to post this article because this building looks like a gigantic erect dick and that’s absolutely great, that we live in a society where we can talk about buildings that look like dicks, while in China the poor Chinese have all related content eliminated from the internet because it is not a free society, I think.

      • China Archi

        Have ever have been to or know China realistically? If not, you should not judge someone or the country. This article totally seems nasty and amateur.

        • Lelong

          Haha, only Chinese who never lived abroad can comment like this. Yes, I know… everybody wants to hurt the Chinese. I (westerner) have lived for many years in China as an architect, and Chinese can laugh at themselves. China, stop thinking that the rest of the world wants to harm you and start to laugh. Life is much better than most people think, also in China :-)

  • khaeler

    I totally agree with DigitHAL9000.

  • zeeman

    Look at the structure in there – at least it won’t go limp.

  • I don’t see it.

  • Keith

    Isn't this the case for every new sky cock we read about on Dezeen?

  • Check the Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Spain

  • pizzicato45

    Ted Mosby – were you involved in this?

  • theidlearchitect

    What makes you think it looks like a penis? It's actually a negative vagina.

  • Katarina

    What’s with all the penis buildings in the world? Barcelona, London and now this?!

  • They always said architects are responsible for some of the largest erections on Earth…

  • Dave

    Phallic symbols are everywhere, but most are disguised a little bit better than this building is. They say an obelisk is a representation of a penis, and the Washington Monument is the largest in the world. Sounds about right :)

  • Chorizzo

    Looking at the concave shape of the reflecting facade I already see some chairs melting in the neighbourhood.

  • Pavilion

    The first picture makes me think about a big dick…

  • Norberto Miranda Feldhahn

    #Cockitecture. The martians will never know this has a dick form.