Herzog & de Meuron to design
residential tower in Miami


News: developers have released images of a 57-storey residential tower designed by Herzog & de Meuron for Miami.


The 198-metre Jade Signature tower by Herzog & de Meuron on an estate in Miami's Sunny Isles district will accommodate 192 residences, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to a 975-square-metre penthouse.


The building's parallelogram-shaped plan will help to angle the apartments towards the southern sun and floor-to-ceiling windows will provide views of the ocean. Hourglass-shaped columns will feature at the extremities of the balconies encircling the tower.

Image © Bogatov Realty

Interiors will be designed by Pierre Yves Rochon's Parisian firm PYR and Miami landscape architect Raymond Jungles will create a tropical garden surrounding the building.

Image © Bogatov Realty

Herzog & de Meuron's first building in Miami was an angular concrete and glass car park with a retail area at its base.

The firm recently completed an extension to an exhibition centre in Basel and has been granted planning permission for a new building at Oxford University.

Zaha Hadid Architects is also working on a residential skyscraper in Miami, while a competition to redevelop the site of the Miami Beach Convention Center has received entries from Rem Koolhaas's OMA and Danish firm BIG – see all projects in Miami.

  • Cristina

    A bit cheesy. Not their best.

  • jago84

    Is this a joke?

  • Never thought I'd say this but Zaha's is better.

  • Yup

    Typical Miami crap. The beginning of the end for these guys, very sad.

  • boooo

    You guys need to loosen up a little bit – this is very good work. There are some very good moves at the scale of the unit, which you rarely see these days.

  • Ryan

    Miami has some amazing designs compared to the rest of the US. I would love to see any of these creative designs and buildings in Atlanta. Some people are so critical. Come to Atlanta and you will learn to appreicate what Miami has done. And again I am talking about designs in America, nowhere else.

  • Johnny

    Just awful! Nothing like their early work: real materials, sense of scale etc.

  • LOW

    What's up with Miami?

  • I actually like it. Very impractical, but exactly what I expect from starchitects. It’s like Lincoln Road for appartments.

    Those columns tapering to almost nothing are going to give a structural engineer a huge issue. Slab shown in these renders is very, very slender. Where do I start? Cold bridge, hard to run services in ceiling, exposed RC slab directly to huge glazing panels (deflection issues). I don’t think it will work.

    • Actually, there looks to be enough structure to support what is being envisioned. The centre of the building has more than enough support to carry a thin slab, with only external columns showing extreme changes in form. Not only do these exterior columns carry less load, but what load they do carry is expressed in the moment-forms they’re in.

      You can integrate systems into the slab with expensive and sophisticated systems similar to the GSW Administration building in Berlin. As l as you achieve the stiffness from the planes of interior columns, this should be entirely achievable. This is Miami, there are no snow loads, only wracking from high winds. There appears to be plenty of structure to make this happen.

      This is why H&dM are brilliant.

    • ash

      Cold bridging in Miami?

  • zizi

    Looks like cheap commercial architecture of the seventies,
    but not in a good way.

  • Neogeo

    Looks like H&dM is channeling the late Morris Lapidus or their inner Miami Vice fantasy.
    Not what I expect of them. Nothing sophisticated nor progressive.
    Even though it is rather retro and kitschy, I am strangely intrigued and drawn to it.

  • Johannes Kuhnen

    Must be a joke! Can’t believe it.

  • Anders E N

    Like a sad, cheap version of Marina City in Chicago. H&dM need to think more and scale down the office!

  • Adrian

    Trying to mix Valerio Olgiati with Christian Kerez in some kind of strange scale mutation? It seems that controlling quality in an almost 300-person office is not an easy task.

    • Gabriel

      Spot on, these two names came to mind when I first saw this. Also, these are all Swiss architects, so would that make it that big of a crime, a sort of Swiss Miaming? The project seems well suited for the climate, but a bit scary for stormy Septembers.

  • Rolf

    Look like prison cells from the outside, but you can’t deny that you will wet yourself with that massive balcony.

  • 305 Go Canes

    What would you do with that balcony furniture during hurricanes?

    • Josh

      The .01%ers who can afford to live there can also afford someone to haul furniture inside after jetting to another tropical locale while the storm passes.

  • Colonel Pancake

    Suit yourselves. I love it.

  • Byron

    It’s nice and elegant but I always expect to see something a little more sculptural or gestural from a Starchitect. Something that makes your eyes bulge out at first glance on the screen. I was a little thrown to see something as simple and minimal as this from H&D, but again it’s nice.

    What makes it so sleek is that there is no ceiling in the living room. I guess all the HVAC is run from the core with side diffusers or exposed ductwork.

  • ldwg

    Marina Towers of Chicago turned straight and flat.

  • NubianCzar

    Maybe they should submit their design to Zaha Hadid Architects for improvement.

    This design may work for a two-storey villa on a huge plot, but it looks like they just copied and pasted the first floor up to the last. The eye gets very bored from a single glance.

    I bet the Chinese can build this in 60 days in prefab or with containers. Just saying.

  • Guesty

    I can see future lawsuits after someone climbs over that low glass retaining wall and plunges to their death.

  • Gary Walmsley

    It would be laughable if it all wasn’t so tragic – all this furious building going on for a city that will be swallowed by the ocean.

  • Irina Shulzhenko

    I would be more than happy to buy an apartment in this residential tower. It’s going to be a real beauty!