Living Food by
Minsu Kim


This conceptual food by Royal College of Art graduate Minsu Kim would wriggle around on the plate and in your mouth (+ movie).

Minsu Kim's Living Food project builds on developments in synthetic biology to propose meals that behave like living creatures.

Living Food by Minsu Kim

"Synthetic biotech has already started to create artificial life in organic forms," says the designer, citing a swimming artificial jellyfish made of heart cells by researchers at Caltech and Harvard University. "Breathing life into artificial digestible forms in not merely a fantasy."

Living Food by Minsu Kim

In the Design Interactions department of the Royal College of Art's graduate exhibition this week Minsu Kim presents three dishes, each exhibiting a different behaviour: wriggling around, waving tentacles or puffing up as though breathing.

"This project explores new culinary experiences through developments in synthetic biology, and finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy," the designer adds. "What if food was able to play with our cutlery and create hyper-sensations in our mouth?"

Living Food by Minsu Kim

Show RCA continues until 30 June 2013. Other projects on show include glassware that creates kaleidoscopic effects and bicycle helmets made of pulped newspaper.

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  • Sam

    A very interesting and quite beautiful project, but I’d really rather not have my food “play with my cutlery and create hyper-sensations in my mouth”. Maybe this could be the cure for obesity.

  • Gollum from Lord of the Rings really appreciated eating his fish live and wiggly. I am sure he would appreciate this too ;)

  • mlk

    Very interesting idea, and such a short explanation compared to some nonsense with two pages of abstract text posted here.

  • Khairiah Al kassab

    I don’t see a strong concept beyond this project and actually it looks unpalatable to eat such living food.

  • Gridlock

    Your order of horror food is ready.
    Try not to choke as it grabs onto your uvula on the way down.

  • For the Klingon fan inside all of us:

  • dada

    Can I assume this is inspired by the life octopus Korean food? Given that it’s done by a Korean.

  • That’s interesting and all, but are those things actually edible and palatable, or is it just an exercise in making unliving stuff move?

  • revph

    As a foreigner living in Korea, it really doesnt surprise me at all that a Korean thought to have moving food, seeing that they would cut up a living creature right in front of you and eat it still wriggling. Gross!

  • Aii

    This is disgusting. How do the know this life is “synthetic”, just because they made it?

    We create babies and clones too. Doesn’t mean their life is less valuable because we created it.

    We are not God, people.

  • Izzy10234

    This is similar to that mystery meat some of us would hear about in old cartoons. What is this food composed of exactly, and what makes it move? I would assume electricity is key to making it tick. The fact that it moves is just a bit disconcerting.

    Certainly not a bad idea, it’s almost artistic in a way. However, my first notion would most likely be to kill it before consumption.

  • Really amazing.

  • sparklyparrot

    I think this idea is egregious and shameful on many levels. To suggest that people like to eat living things or things that appear to have life is reprehensible. Humans are already jaded to the global agony and suffering of animals.

    There are a couple of countries who do eat living beings. Japan being one of them. Isn’t it enough that torture, cruelty and betrayal is perpetrated as it is? I believe the pretence of living food will only serve to desensitise further what little compassion is left on this planet. The next thing that will happen is that someone is going to start eating living beings and think it’s OK.

  • Dan

    What does this have to do with synthetic biology? Isn’t it more like genetic engineering or something?

  • 2gajendrasingh

    This is really good food but what you have done in this? Can you send me the recipe? I am very interested to know how you have done this.

  • Ferreusveritas

    Has anyone even considered that this article is a scam? It’s just a cable-driven art display with the prime movers under the table. For Christ’s sake people, don’t be so gullible.