World's largest building
opens in China


World's largest building opens in Chengdu, China

News: the largest man-made structure in the world has opened in China's Sichuan province, housing hotels, offices, a beach resort and an artificial sun.

New Century Global Center opens

Capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses or three Pentagons in its staggering 1.7 million square-metre interior the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu opened its doors on 1 July 2013.

The colossal 18-storey glass and steel superstructure has a wavy roof and is built above a new metro station. The building is 500 metres long, 400 metres wide and stands 100 metres high.

New Century Global Center opens

A 65 metre-high lobby covering 10,000 square metres greets visitors as they enter the centre. Visitors will then find the Paradise Island Oceanic Park, with a 400 metre sandy beach and the world's largest indoor LED screen that projects images of seascapes and horizons.

There is also one of China's largest shopping malls, a 14-screen Imax cinema, an Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and a central business tower with 720,000 square metres of office space.

Here's a 15-minute promotional video about the centre:

The New Century Global Centre sits directly opposite the 500,000 square-foot Chengdu Contemporary Arts Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects. The arts centre comprises three auditoria, an art museum, exhibition space and conference centre, plus restaurants, bars and shops.

The news comes less than a month after construction started on the Songjiang Hotel that will nestle into the 100 metre-high rockface of an abandoned water-filled quarry outside Shanghai. See more architecture in China »

New Century Global Center opens

Photography is from Entertainment and Travel Group.

  • Mario

    Absolute s***

  • John


  • Gary

    Biggest building in the world and yet the video still made me feel a bit claustrophobic.

  • Muschio

    “O China! Ooh, you are so big! So absolutely huge. Gosh, we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell you.”

    (Apologies to Monty Python and, of course, The Lord.)

  • mlk

    Who are the architects? Thank you.

    • boooo

      I don’t think they hired any.

  • Concerned Citizen


  • cri

    I am having a problem understanding whether this is the past, or the future.

  • ec1

    So obscene and so typically arrogant of China. Do they not recognize the irony of the indoor beach, because they have destroyed and continue to destroy the natural environment.

    • boogaloo

      And your country doesn’t?

  • zizi

    You’ve got to admire the typical “Truman Show meets The Matrix” socialist sobriety.

  • Will

    Anybody else think it is like the spaceship from Wall-E?

    • zizi

      Let’s hope it takes off to deep space.

  • Jonathan

    This is so bad that you could probably have a really good time there. Similar to Macau.

  • ligredan

    Video 9:30 min… It seems the brainstorm was held while watching The Truman Show.

  • Colonel Pancake

    The seeds of a bubble have been planted.

  • Ishmael Mokgadi

    Someone please enlighten me. What do they need a roof for?

    They’ve got a park inside with trees that need real sunlight. They’ve got streets with shops and they’ve managed to squeeze in a mammoth swimming pool.

    It’s like somebody decided to put a roof over a small town.

    Someone is going to have a hefty energy bill to deal with.

  • Seth

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • )eroen

    They built Plato's cave!

  • Gimmeabreak

    Obviously this project had an architect. But since it was a completely developer driven design, they must have refused to put their name on it.

    Not something one would want on their CV.

  • Dan Brill

    The architects have done well in remaining anonymous (intentionally or otherwise!)

  • JimmySpew

    Such a horrible idea. I just spewed over myself.

  • Will

    The dialogue in that video could have been written by George Orwell.

    • zizi

      Yeah, the video was the creepiest thing, couldn’t finish it.

  • johnwtsang

    I don’t know how many millions when into building it but they made a really bad video for like five bucks.

  • Dan Earle

    I think if it had been built in New York or London all would be raving about it.

    • Mks

      You honestly think that?

      To illustrate I might add two quotes from recent articles on Dezeen : “public and government opposition has forced fashion tycoon Pierre Cardin to cancel plans for his futuristic Venice skyscraper” and “Barcelona officials are outraged over plans to construct a 300-metre space hotel on an artificial island off the coast of the city.”

      As far as I see, in this race of decadence everyone loses. It might be entertaining in a morbid way to watch it from a safe distance, but it makes me all the more happy that it happens in China, Dubai or Russia and we are spared this grotesque sheet metal legacy in our cities.

  • I agree that this is pretty laughable, but lets not forget about the giant, tasteless malls scattered across America, the fake resorts littering the coastlines or Las Vegas.

    And think about all the terribly designed products the consumerist America has encouraged.

    China is scrambling to cement it’s position at the top and is providing ‘the people’ with things they’ve never seen or enjoyed (like a beach). It has taken American companies a long time to adapt, so lets just hope China gets there sooner.

    (I reference America given that it’s the current world superpower and therefore the best comparison).

  • Wendy Gerd

    Why do I keep thinking viral breeding grounds?

  • Igor

    It will make a beautiful ruin one day.

    • SeattleDog

      I hope it lasts that long, I have doubts.

  • Vladimir

    I was at the opening of this building back in May.

    You don’t get the sense that it is as big is it is whether you’re standing next to it or inside. As the biggest building in the world, I would have thought it would of used a bigger design emphasis. It’s pretty ugly. Even the Chinese were saying so.

    The attention to detail is really bad. They might as well of not used a spirit level or a chalk line. However it is an accomplishment and I’m happy to see that they didn’t use the copy and paste routine for the design, which they all oh so love.

    From here the only way can only be up.

  • fSqaured

    This is a developer with too much money and too little appreciation for culture and art.

  • Jim Somers

    Can’t wait to see the view from space on Google Earth.

  • Ben Lloyd

    Biggest mausoleum in the world.

  • Dom

    The dreadful architecture aside, at the 05.37 mark of the video: “Pragmaticism”? Is that even a word?

  • Like Dubai or Vegas – but without the subtle sophistication (and all the fun removed).

    The promo video compares it in importance to the pyramids. The only wonder here is that it was ever constructed (think of all the wasted resources).

  • IDJ

    “New century global center our gift to the world”… WE ARE DOOMED, nice one China.

  • It’s horrible, the temple of bad taste, a folly, economically and environmentally unsustainable: Chinese people should value and appreciate their ancient architecture traditions and not continue to imitate the worst of Western capitalism.

  • I had a long comment in mind but having read those who’ve commented before me, it all seems to have been said.

    I don’t think it is as visually off putting as a lot of modern buildings i’ve seen of late, but it’s an unimportant and unnecessary parody of the future of building.