Plant Pregnancy
by Alice Kim


This plastic maternity vest by design graduate Alice Kim allows people to carry young plants like babies (+ movie).

Plant pregnancy bag by Alice Kim

Alice Kim, who recently graduated from Kingston University, designed the PVC maternity vest with a compartment on the front to carry seedlings and young plants.

Plant Pregnancy Bag by Alice Kim

Kim hopes the project will remind people of the care and attention that plants require to grow. "Plants share very similar birth and growth process to humans," she said, "but we do not appreciate much of what they give us."

Plant pregnancy stroller by Alice Kim

After the seedling has grown into a small plant the owner can use Kim's Plant Stroller to take it for a walk.

Kim exhibited the project at London's graduate showcase New Designers 2013 last week.

Plant Pregnancy by Alice Kim

Our highlights from this year's graduate shows include a concept to transform London's BT Tower into a pollution-harvesting high rise and cycle helmets made from mulched newspapers.

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  • Matt

    Wouldn’t all that movement actually be detrimental to the plant?

  • Alexandra

    This is just bogus. Why even post it?

  • Boris

    Is it possible to 3d print a baby?

  • Daniel

    This makes me lose faith in humanity. Ridiculous.

  • hrusisr

    Very very cool. One hell of a “pregnancy”. And Daniel. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying “If you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all”?

  • bob

    Some people talk to plants, some people hug them. Millions of people enjoy them. Well done to this student for rattling the cage of the terminally po-faced.

  • Jelena

    But why?

  • Mark

    Ah, more inappropriate use of plastic wasted on another pointless product.

  • Frank

    Being so precious about one tiny plant while forests are chopped down daily makes me wonder if effort should be better invested in a campaign rather than such a product.