One Thousand Museum
by Zaha Hadid Architects


Here are two new images of Zaha Hadid Architects' proposed 215-metre-high residential skyscraper for Miami. 

The 60-storey One Thousand Museum tower will be located on Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami, overlooking the new Museum Park and Biscayne Bay.

The structure will feature a fluid concrete exoskeleton, rising out of the spa pools on top of the podium to a helipad and aquatic centre at the summit.

Apartments will cost between $5 million and $15 million, including duplex homes, half-floor residences, full-floor penthouses and one duplex penthouse right at the top.

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One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

Herzog & de Meuron are also working on a residential tower in the nearby Sunny Isles area of Miami and we featured the latest images of their design plus a movie from the developers last week.

Elsewhere in Miami OMA has landed the commission to redesign the Miami Beach Convention Center and John Pawson has designed 26 high-end apartments for a new leisure complex at Miami Beach.

Zaha Hadid Architects unveiled designs for a spiralling car park in Miami in 2011. More recent projects by the firm include plans for an apartment block that will be constructed beside New York's popular High Line park and an extension to the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Visualisations are by Catapult 13 Creative Studios.

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  • Marti

    Come on Dezeen. These images don’t even show the neighbouring towers. These are like render studies. Are you just publishing anything as long as there’s a Zaha tag on it?

  • recon::decon

    Wow. She really phoned this one in. Must have been too busy being a celebrity and left the interns to do this one. Yikes.

  • Troy

    Seminal! Hadid and Schumacher continue to work magic the world over.

  • Mattia

    I love Zaha’s work normally but this one just confuses me. It’s way too sci-fi.

  • Henry

    I look at this type of architecture and I just shrug. Perhaps I am jaded.

  • dan

    I think I am done with architecture… [jumps out of window].

  • manu

    She should restrict herself to horizontal buildings. Her obsession with the “her” lines can only be designed for horizontal buildings. This is utter rubbish.

  • alex

    All I can see is a giant cockroach.

  • PeeWeen

    Breathtakingly amazing!

    • Michael D

      …in how atrociously ugly and self-indulgent it is. There. Fixed it for you.

  • Kalum

    Well that is interesting to illustrate my point about Jade Signature by H&dM.

    Although Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum may seem original in its shape, everything points to the “same as usual” interior spaces and general experience.

    Jade Signature’s renders may give it a bland aspect but I would definitely love to check it’s interiors, vistas and cantilevered open spaces.

  • Michael D

    Ah yes, it seems Patrik Schumacher has stamped his feet and kicked up a fuss when this exact same grotesque design was rejected by the more discerning crowds in New York late last year, and decided to pull one over the people of Miami instead.

    Let us hope he is foiled again in his efforts to create visual pollution masquerading as architecture.

  • KKKK

    Elongated wrestling mask.

  • Rik

    Some architects are better at horizontal structures than vertical. I’m sorry to say, I think this is an example of how not to do it!

  • Mike

    I realise that the current trend is to uniformly disapprove of Hadid, but the dezeen commenters cabal of haters have outdone themselves with this one. For a site with relatively very few comments made per article, it’s funny to me how many people will come out of the shadows to down-vote any positive (or even neutral) opinions on her stuff, without offering any counterpoints or constructive criticism.

    “Horrible piece of vomit-inducing trash, literally the worst structure ever conceived” +8

    “I don’t know, it’s not so bad.” -24

    Aside from bland and unimaginitive interior spaces, is this really the hideous monstrosity that people are making it out to be? Living in New York, it’s possible that my standards have been lowered due to the abundance of tasteless, rank-and-file luxury towers, but this looks just fine to me, and I think it will compliment Miami’s skyline nicely. (Yes, I realise that this comment will likely also rack up the down-votes. It looks cool! Sue me!)

    • Ralph Kent

      “It looks cool”. Honestly. You deserve what’s coming for that alone.

      • Mike

        Ralph, thanks for chiming in! You’ve perfectly illustrated the kind of non-constructive, snark-based commenting I was talking about.

        Okay; “‘it looks cool” was lacking in terms of critical evaluation of the project. But I don’t think it’s completely inappropriate for this forum: without interior floor plans or more accurate/detailed renderings, isn’t that exactly what we’re talking about?

        Further; I intentionally used a ‘dumbed-down’, pedestrian phrase to emphasise that I was commenting as a non-expert (read: anonymous internet dummy) but I imagine you could probably tell that already. You chose to focus on my choice of words instead of engaging with my larger point.

    • birdonawire

      I’ll sue.

  • Niklas

    I don’t usually like Zaha’s more vertical spaces, but this one mesmerises me and I love the exoskeleton with its arabesque influences.

  • bolweevil

    I see aliens.

  • andrew

    Zaha is probably the worst celebrity architect ever. Her productions belong to a souvenir shops, not to a public space.

  • Boo

    To all the Zaha haters,

    I’m sorry to inform you that Ms Hadid has not designed a single one of her firm’s buildings for an entire decade.

    Your comments should in fact be directed to Mr. Schumacher who is responsible for these monstrosities. Just a thought.

    Unfortunately, he isn’t as interesting to hate as he is neither female nor Arab.

    • Amit Kumar

      Well said. The anti-Hadid hate gets really bitter beyond criticism. We all know everyone copied ZHA’s work at university.

  • Sivad bop

    I actually thought “wow, when Zaha just sticks to simple architectural objects they can be almost nice.” But I guess the jury is already in on this one.

  • djnn24

    Giant squid?