Flat-pack furniture assembled with magnets
by Benjamin Vermeulen


This range of flat-packed furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen does away with little bags of screws, fastenings or Allen keys and simply snaps together with super-strong magnets (+ movie).

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

His range of MAG (Magnetic Assisted Geometry) furniture is made of sheet steel and solid wood, with magnets in the wooden parts allowing each piece to be assembled in minutes with no tools.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

"Shipping furniture unassembled is more economical and more environmentally friendly, but flat-packed furniture is often made from low-grade material and its assembly is far from straightforward," said Vermeulen.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

The furniture can be assembled and disassembled many times over without losing its initial structural integrity, meaning it's fine to take it apart when moving house, storing it or selling it on.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

Replacing parts is also easy since they come off and reattach with the same ease.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

The chair has a two-part frame that slots together where the leg braces cross under the seat, before a sheet-steel seat and backrest are clipped into place.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

Metal pegs at the corners of the folded steel table top slot into magnetic tubes inside the tops of the table legs.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

The cabinet allows the user to select components based on the configuration they require. The basic cabinet is one layer high, but more layers of different heights can be added with or without doors.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

Vermeulen designed the collection for his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven and presented it during Dutch Design Week.

Mag Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

  • mert

    Lots of daylight in those joints and I imagine taking the pieces apart is no fun.

  • jjay

    I love it! But what will the effects be to your mobile phone in your back pocket!?

  • Peter

    Really nice. Just don’t put your wallet with all your credit cards on it. Zaapppppp.

  • knowyourcontext

    Nils Holger Moormann uses or has used magnetic connectors in his furniture for years.

  • conrad brown

    You know this is a grad project, right? You get eight months (usually less because you’re busy taking other courses), you have no money, you’re a beginner at everything you do, and you’re expected to come up with something unique, beautiful, and functional. What was YOUR grad project?

  • El matador

    So you mean that because in the past a lot of designers where using screws it’s a problem to use screws todays?