Beer Foamer by Norm Architects
promises better pints


A new invention by Danish studio Norm Architects for Menu claims to make your favourite beer taste even better by whisking up beery foam you can pour on top (+ slideshow).


According to NORM Architects, beer connoisseurs often say that a foamy head on your beer will guarantee a better drinking experience, but this may not be the case if the drink is poured badly.

Beer foamer by Norm Architects for Menu

The Beer Foamer, designed for Danish design brand Menu, produces a denser head with a "better taste" by separating the creation of foam from the pouring process.

The device is used by pouring approximately one centimetre of beer into the bottom of the transparent glass container, pressing the button and waiting 20 seconds while a battery-powered whisk froths up the liquid.

Beer foamer by Norm Architects for Menu

Once the foam appears, it can be gently added on top of beer that has already been poured into a separate glass.

"Everyone knows that wine gets better if you decant and 'prepare' it in the right way," stated the studio. "Now we'd like to show the world that beer also deserves some special treatment... and that it can actually get even better."

Beer foamer by Norm Architects for Menu

The copper-plated top on the Beer Foamer takes inspiration from the large boilers used in old beer breweries, while the bottom container is made of shatterproof glass. The product is due for release in May.

Norm Architects and Menu previously worked together on the interior of a rustic-styled restaurant in Copenhagen.

  • JP
  • ayoki

    ^ haha, there’s this as well:

  • Tomáš Kapler

    Get any Czech beer, serve it from a fridge at about 8°C to CLEAN and wet glass and you will not need such crippling of the beer. Or best served by skilled Czech innkeeper.

    Problem with missing foam is always one of these:

    1. wrong beer (some types simple do not create enough foam)

    2. wrong temperature (depends on beer type, but standard pilsen types are best at about 8-9°C)

    3. dirty glass, glass with residues of detergents … Best is to to clean the glass and wash it in cold water just before pouring the beer

    4. wrong pouring – you should pour it in one go.

    When serving at pub from tanks/barrels there might be other problems, especially not cleaning the tubes (should be cleaned everyday with clean water, and once a week with some special procedures).

  • Henry Dowager

    I’ve just stumbled across this blog. I’m not a designer and I wouldn’t say I was a very cultured gent. I am however a frequent face down at my local pub and if I’m honest a bit of a barfly.

    So when I came across this I just didn’t get it. Is it for real? This seems one of the most pointless inventions of all time. For me this amount of faffing about at the bar is ridiculous. There is simply no issue with beer straight from the tap. Sure there’s a real joy sipping on a pint with a foamy head but my local barman can do that just fine without the help of this swish-looking little gizmo.

    I really question the time and investment gone into this project, as I’m sure the amount coughed up to fund this could have given me and my chums one hell of a beer-fuelled week down the local.

  • AP

    Perhaps stick to designing buildings.

  • omnicrom

    Just learn how to pour a beer properly for goodness’ sake. Yet another example of some designer solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

  • Alan

    Headline: “Wheel-rounding tool by Most Humans makes already-round wheels round.”

  • deedee

    As a Belgian, this hurts my eyes. It’s like kiddy wheels on a grown up bicycle – learn to do it properly and you don’t need gizmos.

  • pipo

    Not only is this invention a waste of money, it will also make you a laughingstock at any party in my opinion.

  • MC

    It’s funny seeing the person in the photo purposely tilting the glass so they don’t create any foam.

  • Jonas

    Why do bartenders care to use a shaker when they can just pour the ingredients for the cocktail into the glass?

    Why do baristas care about using devices for creating the perfect foam for various coffee drinks, when they can just pour the milk into the coffee?

    Why do sommeliers care about decanting red wine with a decanter before drinking it?

    Why do some people care to whip cream with the whisk before topping their hot chocolate with it, instead of just pouring the cream into the cup?

    Because using these simple tools to change the texture of a drink, changes the taste and the experience when drinking it.

    This device does not solve any problems or save any lives. It is just a simple tool for those beer enthusiasts who care about keeping the freshness of the carbon dioxide in the beer by pouring it gently into the glass, as well as the density and longevity of the beer head, when drinking a premium bottled beer at home.

    And I am sure you can just shake your beer bottle – and the result will be just as good as if you shake your milk carton when making your next cappuccino. :-)

    • IWantFrothOnMyLondonPride

      These points are irrelevant. All of these points show examples where the device or procedure is essential to the creation of the drink. The beer foamer is different because it is completely redundant.
      A perfect pint can be poured without devices.
      A cocktail cannot.
      A cappuccino cannot.
      A hot chocolate with whipped cream cannot.
      A perfect pint can be poured without devices.

      (Also shaking the milk bottle will not create froth).

    • Guest ale

      You obviously don’t know how to drink beer.

  • fred

    Just buy good Belgian beer – about 4000 options and drink it in a real beer glass. Cheers.

  • Hipster Hater

    Stop wasting materials, time and beer.

  • Mark

    If you want to create a head stir the beer with a wooden chopstick.

  • William Hosack

    They should be banned from drinking beer. This is the most absurd thing ever. Additionally, the senior manager that approved the budget to work on this should be fired.

  • Floong

    Man who cannot pour beer with a head = man fail.

  • Bcesar_rs

    Wow man! Two fingers of foam… keep cold and keep tasty! Very nice.

  • This could easily be replaced by a piece of paper.
    One that tells people how to pour beer correctly to get a proper head.

  • carsharer0909

    What a perfect nonsense.