Torafu Architects designs multi-functional Dice
furniture for children and adults


This six-sided piece of furniture by Japanese studio Torafu Architects can be flipped over to reveal different functions (+ slideshow).

Dice by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects designed Dice as a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used in three different ways depending on which way up it's facing.

"We designed a piece of furniture with multiple resting positions that can be used by young children up until they reach adulthood by rolling it over like a dice," said the designers.

Dice by Torafu Architects

The product is made from interlocking wooden panels with curved edges, formed within the parameters of a cube.

Dice by Torafu Architects

In the first scenario, two staggered platforms form a bench and table for small children to use as a desk.

Rolled over, a flat surface that covers all of one side creates a stool for adults.

Dice by Torafu Architects

The surfaces that form supports for the desk can be used as shelves when the product is flipped again.

"By avoiding the constraints imposed by single-purpose furniture, we created a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used as a companion evolving with us through life so that we can continue using with nostalgia our childhood furniture even after we become adults," said Torafu Architects.

Dice by Torafu Architects

All edges are covered in coloured rubber strips so they don't scratch floors and to protect the wood when rolled over. Panels intended for contact with the body are stained in pastel tones.

Dice by Torafu Architects

"Characterised by rounded shapes, Dice possesses both easily adaptable functionality and a cute appearance fostering a feeling of gentleness," the designers said.

Two types of plywood finish are available. The lighter version features blue rubber edging, while the darker version uses yellow.

Dice by Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects has also designed a set of wooden storage boxes that stack up to make little trolleys and A-shaped stools that slot together to make a bench.

Photography is by Yosuke Owashi.

  • hammy

    Seriously looks tacky. I’m sure there are plenty of better designs using plywood.

  • Zachery

    Simple and cute. Not overdone at all.