Neta Soreq's Energetic Pass shoes have bouncy 3D-printed soles


Israeli designer Neta Soreq 3D printed the springy platforms and heels of these shoes to give the wearer a "new walking experience" (+ movie).

The Energetic Pass footwear comes in two variations: one pair has a bouncy platform beneath the centre of the foot, and the other features springs under the front and back.

Both models surround the feet with sinuous stripes of material based on muscle fibres.

3d print Shoes heels Neta Soreq

"My shoe design came from studying hyperactive people, with a focus on different therapy treatments that direct the energy in the body," said Soreq, who created the shoes while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design near Jerusalem.

"I was inspired by the structure of the muscles and the natural movement of the foot in different positions."

The strands of material curve down from the upper and spiral around to form the bases. These shapes create flexible springs that alter the way the shoes' users move.

"I designed a spring heel, which has a mechanism that acts as a shock absorber and gives the wearer a new walking experience," said the designer.

3d print Shoes heels Neta Soreq

To create the shoes, Soreq started with a 3D scan of an anatomically correct shoe tree – traditionally a wooden insert that is placed into an empty shoe to maintain its shape.

Using Solidworks 3D software, she modelled the designs line by line to build up the forms.

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"I used the traditional technique of building shoes and combined it with the technological advantages of computer design," Soreq said. "This kind of 'tech-couture' process opens up new opportunities of design."

The shoes were printed in nylon using selective laser sintering, while the soles are made from a light-sensitive photopolymer material that provides grip.

3d print Shoes heels Neta Soreq

Each weighs between 220 and 330 grams, and the designer insists that they are comfortable to walk in.

Soreq is now working on a collection that will be "more ready-to-wear" than the current designs.

Footwear designers are continuously curious about creating shoes that alter and impair the way we walk. Other examples include back-to-front high heels that force the body into awkward shapes, and concrete shoes that are too heavy to lift.

  • nab

    3d printing and shoes: how to make a fool of yourself.

  • guisforyou

    It seems 3D printing is opening the door to too many people who have no idea what they are doing or exploring, and are not questioned or simply prohibited from creating physical models because craftsmen (who know what they are doing because they learned the long, hard and appropriate way, through continuous curious education and good old fashion trial and error) says they are not interested or would charge them too much.

    So they just “print out” all their worthless concepts, simply because the printer cartridges are full and there is nobody to say NO. Restraint is the best tool of a talented designer. I do agree with the exploration of integrating dampening performance through the merging of shape and material composition.

    But designing an object whose main purpose is to keep it’s user upright, and crashing at that attempt simply for the sake of designing something to look different than what it is (they look more like fruit bowls than shoes).

  • Egad

    The only reason to produce such an abomination must be to see if anyone is stupid enough to wear them. Unbelievably idiotic.

  • Maryv

    Finally! Someone is thinking about the comfort and walking experience of the user instead of trying to make women look like some kinked up, Rocky Horror Picture Show clown.

    Also, bouncing while you walk isn’t a new idea. Nike has been trying that in their basket ball shoes for years. I would love to try these!

  • Rae Claire

    I always wanted something like this. I guess now I can have them.

  • Thomas

    As long as it is 3D printed…

  • Chad Sutter

    I want to see the model that can glide down the catwalk, foot ahead of foot, hips swinging, in these avant-garde monopost shoes with one of the goofy outfits the fashion industry comes up with, too. That will be one of the funniest videos on YouTube in no time!

  • Spring chicken

    I can finally bounce like a gazelle all the way to work! As funny as it might look, it could be a very energy-efficient way for humans to get around. Walking is so last century.

    • Knee pads and fanny packs included? Or maybe ski poles…

  • Carmen Artigas

    They forgot to credit the band DIRTY GOLD “California sunrise”.

  • God! What have we got against women’s feet?

  • Interesting concept.