Ineke Hans' Plouf seating for Moome is designed to be as comfortable as a beanbag


Dutch designer Ineke Hans has created an armchair and a footrest for Belgian design label Moome, which she hopes will provide the same level of comfort as a beanbag.

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

The square Plouf armchair and pouffe rest on a coated steel framework comprising regularly spaced pipes, coloured the same hue as the upholstery.

Their frames extend downwards from the seats to form slender legs, and the footrest can also double as a stool.

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

"From the start I wanted to keep this seat and footstool rather simple, in shape as well as in construction," said Hans. "A kind of 'what you see is what you get'."

"It looks soft and comfortable, and is a good hideout when you like to relax," she added. "I aimed for it to give you that experience too."

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

Hans started working with Belgian furniture manufacturer Indera three years ago to set up Moome as an affordable brand for a younger audience.

"The company had a lot of experience in upholstery and I thought it would be nice to design a chair that radiates and offers comfort," said the designer.

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

Hans attempted to recreate the same level of comfort given by a beanbag when designing Plouf, but with better support.

The name of the chair is taken from a mix of pouffe and the Dutch word plof – which means "to flop down".

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

The first model was presented in 2014 at Kortrijk, but the design remained in development until 2015 to attain the right level of comfort.

"Moome was set up to become an affordable design collection," said Hans. "I like that issue, and therefore the construction for the chair is very basic: just a frame to hold the cushions."

Ineke Hans' Plouf armchair and pouffe for Moome

"But this frame also holds the springs in the bottom fairly easily and offers more seating comfort at the same time," she added.

Hans set up her studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in 1998 after graduating with an MA in furniture design from London's Royal College of Art. She moved back to the UK in 2015 to expand her studio and research, and has previously designed spoons that need to be popped out of a plastic frame before use, and a table with storage space for slender items such as letters or tablet devices.

  • SK

    Yellow isn’t exactly relaxing to the eye is it?

  • It’s too bad nobody ever sat comfortably on a beanbag.

    • doodle

      It’s a low bar isn’t it.

  • Ash

    Love the design, hate the colour.