New work from Stuart Haygarth

New work from Stuart Haygarth

Designer Stuart Haygarth presents some new pieces, including this chandelier for MAC cosmetics.

Haygarth produced two identical pieces for MAC stores in New York and Los Angeles.

He says: "The work had to promote the new vibrant colour range of cosmetics called the ‘Culture Bloom’ collection. They wanted to illustrate an explosion or blooming of colour. My interpretation was a kind of molecular or planetary explosion called Cosmic Burst'."


Haygarth's website also shows Twentytwenty (above), a light decorated with hundreds of pairs of spectacles and sunglasses and produced for a show at London's Design Museum last year.


Haygarth came to attention at the designersblock show in London in 2005, when he showed his Tide Chandelier, made of hundreds of items of plastic debris collected on Dungeness Beach in England.


He now shows another piece for the same series. Tide Mark (partially shown above) is "both an installation piece and a photographic work. Tide Mark is a collection of primarily plastic objects categorized by colour. Starting with white objects and ending with black, a kind of tide mark through the colour spectrum is produced."


And because we like his work so much, here (above) is Aladdin, one of a series of illuminated tables made from colour-sorted found glassware.