Indigo Hotel by Sebastián Irarrazaval

Photographer Cristobal Palma has sent us a set of photos of Indigo Hotel in Puerto Natales, Chile, by architect Sebastián Irarrazaval.


These are exterior shots; we'll put some interior shots up later (update: see them here and here).

We'll let the architect briefly explain the project:2-ira-ind-006.jpg
We'll let the architect briefly explain the project:

"Patagonia Hotel is situated along the maritime passage of Puerto Natales, entrance to the Torres del Paine National Park. It is has six levels with 29 bedrooms and a Spa on top of the building.


"The Project is organized around three main ideas. First: to discover the building as a voyager who experience places not at once but through continuous steps. Second: to be sensitive with the site and its provincial character and lack of “noise" .Thirdly: to radically differentiate the intimate space of the sleeping rooms from the monumental space of public areas."