Liszt Concert Hall by Atelier Kempe Thill

The final story we've lifted from MIMOA is the Franz Liszt Concert Hall at Raiding in Austria by Rotterdam architects Atelier Kempe Thill.


This one was also completed in 2006.


Once again, the text is from the entry on MIMOA:


To say that this building looks like a recently landed UFO sounds like a cliché, but Raiding has so little context for a concert hall to relate to, that the image is in this case appropriate. Compact and self-contained, it could just as well contain an agricultural storehouse.

The façade seems downright cheap, which it is - it consists of a layer of white synthetic material sprayed onto insulating panels. But, this synthetic skin is punctured by openings that are filled with the landmark of 'good architecture': intricately detailled larch-wood doors and generously proportioned windows. The actual architectural balancing act takes place in the centre, in the concert hall optimized for chamber music.

The wooden panelling threatens to tip in two directions: on the one side classicist severity (the subdivision by a grid of beams), on the other rustic alpine chalet look (the use of spruce). But in this freshness vis à vis the current de rigeur conceptions of design, lies its quality.