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Talent 2008 at Designhuis

Here's a selection of graduate work from design schools across Europe, on show at Designhuis in Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week.


Called Talent 2008 and curated by Li Edelkoort, the show is the first in what will become an annual survey of the best of European design graduates. Top image: Averitia by Patricia Kamps, Academy Amsterdam School of the Arts, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Project Platine by Annika Frye, Academy Academy of Arts, Kassel, Germany.


The exhibition continues until 30 November. Above: Project Battlefield Tactics/All eyes on you by Frederik Forsman, Academy Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden


Above and below: Hybrids by Eilis O'Connel, Academy National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Irelan.


Below: "Slow Fashion" Furniture by Fredrik Färg, Academy HDK School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Below: Juan, Pedro and Pablo (Stool, Chair and Barstool) by Reinhard Dienes
Project, Academy Academy of Arts and Design, Offenbach am Main, Germany.


Below: Brooches by Maria Ylander, Academy HDK School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden.



Below: Radio 08 by Mikael Silvanto, Royal College of Art, London, UK


Below: Project Qing Zuo!? Please Sit Down!? by Judith van denBoom, Royal College of Art, London, UK.


Below: Marcher sur ses meubels by Julie Arrive, École Supérieure de Arts Decoratifs, Strasbourg, France.


Below: RAW by Jens Fager, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.


Below: Knitted Radiator by Hedvig AfEkenstam, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.


Flatmate: Live Large Extra Small by Morten Engebretsen, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Bergen, Norway.


The following information is from Desighhuis:


The idea to start the Designhuis came up in the board of the Design Academy Eindhoven about four years ago. A platform and meeting point for design and innovation would be a great addition to the design potential already present in the city of Eindhoven. The fusion of research, science and design, disciplines that are already in ample supply in this town, has a lot of potential. Eindhoven as the cradle of Dutch Design was becoming clearer all the time. The presence of the internationally respected Design Academy and its spin-offs gives Eindhoven a chance at an international profile. More and more designers out of the Young generation of graduates establish themselves in Eindhoven because of the excellent infrastructure and the presence of industry. Moreover, ever since the fusion of the Academy’s annual Graduation Show and the Dutch Design Week in 2001 Eindhoven has a design event that is unique in the Netherlands and is only matched abroad by professional fairs and design biennials.

The idea came up when the city pointed out the old courthouse at the Stadhuisplein to Lidewij Edelkoort, chair person of the board of the Design Academy Eindhoven. The characteristic sixties building of limestone and teak turned out to have just the right atmosphere – spacious, yet cosy – and the perfect location; in the centre, in an architecturally distinct area and close to the (also internationally renowned) Van Abbemuseum. The building was perfect for museum exhibitions of design combined with a large design shop.

Yksi Designers were coming up with a compatible idea at about the same time. They considered the availability of the old courthouse a possibility to make a long-cherished dream come true: an international profile aimed at a wide audience. So Yksi was involved in the further development of the concept. The close cooperation of Design Academy Eindhoven, Brainport Foundation, the City of Eindhoven, Yksi Designers and the Van Abbemuseum was chemistry in motion and it only took an amazing four months in the Summer of 2007 to transform the former courthouse into the Designhuis, a spacious and well lit monument.Li Edelkoort was made art director and will preside over the composition of four annual key exhibitions by Design Academy Eindhoven. If possible they will cooperate with the Van Abbemuseum. Yksi will take care of the more experimental side-exhibitions - that either tie in with the key exhibits or are totally independent – and will open a very original design shop with products by mostly Dutch designers.

The Designhuis wants to offer a platform to the creative industries, the business world and knowledge centres. The disciplines can present their ideas and introduce new products and trends, meet, connect and interact. To further that aim Designhuis will present workshops, seminars and events besides the main and side exhibitions and the Yksi shop.