A cup of coffee by Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki has designed an ash tray made of used coffee grounds.


The coffee is meant to absorb the smell from the cigarette ash.


Here's a little more from Yoshiyuki:


The name of project is "a cup of coffee".

Some people has habit that putting coffee grounds to the ashtray, so that it takes the smell.


From that habit, I designed ashtray "a cup of coffee" which out of coffee beans after we made coffee. It could fit for a cigarette with your "a cup of coffee".

A man
A break
A cup of coffee
A cigarette
even that little time might be the best moment in your day.


A cup of coffee is the ash tray that is made of the coffee beans that after we made coffee.

Enjoy a cigarette like you enjoy a cup of coffee.