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Dezeen x Design Association container competition winners 2009

Here are the seven winning entries from the Dezeen x Design Association container design competition to win a free exhibition space in Tokyo during Tokyo Designers Week 2009.

Above: Packed Nature by Josue Andreu Aguade

Dezeen teamed up with Design Association in Japan to give designers free exhibition space at the Container Ground exhibition in Tokyo from 30 October to 3 November this year.

Above and top image: Buon Appetito by Andrew Haythornthwaite and Jordi Canudas

The winners are Ana Rita Malh de Sousa in the Netherlands, Josue Andreu Aguade in Spain, Isaac Yu Chen in the USA, Atelierarhitects in Hungary, and Jonathan Hagos, Onur Ozkaya, and Andrew Haythornthwaite with Jordi Canudas in the UK.

Above: Paper Table by Isaac Yu Chen

The winners will each be given a free 20ft shipping container at the Container Ground exhibition at Jingu-Gaien in central Tokyo, plus an installation and construction budget of up to 300,000 Yen.

Above: Pick Nick by Ana Rita Malh de Sousa

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Above: Call Me Green! by Atelierarhitects

Here's some text from Design Association:


TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2009:  SPECIAL PROJECT “GREEN ROOMS PROJECT”, collaboration project by Chintai x Dezeen ×DA


This started as a project that Dezeen and Design Association teamed up again this year with great help from Chintai to give five designers a free exhibition space in Container Ground during Tokyo Designers Week in 2009.

At end, there were so many great applications that 7 international groups were selected as the winners of Container Design Competition and awarded a free exhibition space of shipping container at Tokyo Designers Week 2009 and some construction budget.

There were also a domestic competition, also sponsored by Chintai, was held at same time and 8 groups were selected.

Above: The Algae Room by Jonathan Hagos of studioJonandNina


“GREEN ROOMS”, to find eco-friendly life style from our closestliving environment. The theme of Tokyo Designers Week 2009 is “GREEN” and we are looking for innovative ideas and design to be eco-friendly from our closest living environment. Design may only be the solution to be ecological stress-free and starting this movement of such from our closest living environment only makes sense since that is where our life revolves.
 The best ideas and designs that give great solution to be ecological from our closest living space will win the prize of this competition.

Above: Viscous Space by Onur Ozkaya


Applications were reviewed and judged by a panel consisting of members including Design Association president and art director: Katsumi Asaba, Design Association executive director: and Kenji Kawasaki, joined by Marcus Fairs, Editor in chief of, for international competition.