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Q4 Cradle by Made by Midas

Dutch designers Made by Midas have designed a baby's cradle with wheels so it can be used as a toy once the child has outgrown it.

Called Q4 Cradle, the product is made of plywood with a removable hood.

The designers envisage the growing child using the cradle for make-believe games or storing toys.

Here's some more information from Made by Midas:


We work hard at Made by Midas, so mere weeks after we introduced the Q4 Crib we now present the Q4 Cradle.

The Q4 Cradle can be used as a cradle to start and later on as a play object, the hood can be removed. For example it can be used as a car, train, ship but is also very handy to store all your other toys.

Design: Huibert van Muilwijk
Producer: Made by Midas
Material: Plywood, pneumatic tires
Measurements; L 98cm. H 50/78cm. W46cm.

The top/shade is available in several colors.