Interaction by UXUS for H&M Home

Amsterdam designers UXUS have created an installation for the home division of fashion retailers H&M in Stockholm, Sweden.

Products from the store and weights displaying information are suspended on ropes and pulleys, linked together.

Moving one item causes another to change position.

Called Interaction, the project is second in a series of four temporary installations by UXUS at the H&M headquarters.

Here's some more information from UXUS:


UXUS followed up the Home Reflections presentation with “Interaction”, an installation celebrating H&M Home’s transition from an online and catalogue retailer, to a physical showroom where one can indulge all the senses, especially touch. With the dominance of digital systems in our world, we explore the possibility of discovering through direct interaction. A large wooden display unit presents a series of pulleys and levers that are attached to various products. An action causes a reaction, pull and push, discovering through the physical exploration of an analog search engine. The display sits within 34m2.

About UXUS

Founded in Amsterdam in 2003, UXUS is an independent award wining design consultancy specializing in strategic design solutions for Retail, Communication, Hospitality, Architecture and Interiors. UXUS creates “Brand Poetry”, fusing together art and design, and creating new brand experiences for its clients worldwide. We define “Brand Poetry” as an artistic solution for commercial needs. Artistic solutions target emotions; emotions connect people in a meaningful way. Design gives function, art gives meaning, poetry expresses the essence.

H&M Home ‘Interaction’
Client: H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden