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PXR-8 watch by Michael Young

Hong Kong designer Michael Young has launched a watch made of stainless steel and black rubber for DD-3.

Called PXR-8, the design features a rubber strap sandwiched between the front and back casings. Slits in the front reveal this junction.

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Here's some more information from Michael Young:


PXR-8 SERIES is the second of 2 new watch collections designed by Michael Young for DD-3. The PXR-8 series, adds to his highly successful and iconic PXR-6 digital watch and it latest expression, the entirely new PXR-7.

Young has designed the PXR-8 series by dissecting the key elements of his classic PXR-6 and creating an entirely new design. He sought to use a rubber strap in an original but logical way and the form and construction of the PXR-8 is based around this.

Made from stainless steel, with superb matt and brushed finishes, the machined case is distinguished by a softened and curved rectilinear form featuring a new custom made digital module, of larger and hence more readable display of just 4 digits.

Simultaneously keeping the essence of the original but adapted to new conditions, the PXR-8 has a rubber strap uniquely connected to a 2-piece case. A key feature is the plug-in strap ends, with the upper faces artfully revealed in openings on the upper case. The beautifully formed case is moulded, machined and finished in such a way that the back, rather than replicating the standard screw-on or bolt-on back, wraps to meet the upper case and is the means of securing the rubber strap to the watch case.

Young felt the new form demanded an increase in size to better express the fine detailing of both case strap and their means of marriage, whilst also making possible the larger digital display. The end result is a stunning watch of unique design, that expresses the bolder character sought after by many watch wearers today

The PXR-7 is available in solid high grade stainless steel with natural brushed or exquisite matt gunmetal or matt black finishes, with matching stainless steel buckles on the custom designed black rubber strap.


Case machined from durable high grade stainless steel Natural brushed or matt black and matt gunmetal finishes Enhanced 50 meter / 5 atmos water resistance. New enlarged digital display with improved back lighting Black rubber strap with stainless steel buckle matching case Each watch is individually numbered and engraved with Young’s signature.


Watch Dimensions: W 40.0 x L 50.00 x D 8.8mm; Display: LCD reversed light on black surround, 4 digit with 1st view HH:MM, 2nd view MM:DD, 3rd view:SS, back lighting green; Display size W 24.0 x H 21.00mm; Water resistant to 50 metres; Average battery life exceeding 12months.