Prairie Chair by Von Tundra

American designers Von Tundra have created an oak dining chair with a raw maple seat and backrest.

Called Prairie Chair, it's constructed using pegged T halving joints where the rails sit inside notches cut in the legs.

The project draws on vernacular furniture from the American Midwest.

Here's some more information from the designers:


The Prairie Chair is inspired by a blend of reductive modernism and the tradition of farmer-made chairs across the American Midwest. Carefully considered proportions and no-frills construction contribute to the chair's refined take on simplicity.

Von Tundra is a Portland-based design house specializing in the creation of contemporary furniture, fixtures, installations, and interiors. Since the group’s founding in 2007 its three members have honed an aesthetic vision that unites Modernism’s efficient lines with the warmth of familiar materials and handcrafted integrity.

As both a licensed company and artist collaborative, Von Tundra has the ability to engage a variety of creative activities, from client-inspired projects to conceptually focused gallery exhibitions.