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Kiosque Saint-Nazaire by Topos Architecture

French studio Topos Architecture have completed a pair of perforated fast-food kiosks on the seafront at Saint-Nazaire, France.

Called Kiosque Saint-Nazaire, the wooden kiosks are protected at night by screens perforated with spiral patterns that reference sea shells.

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Photographs are by Stéphane Chalmeau.

The following text is from the architects:

Programme: conception and construction of removable fast food Kiosks, on the sea front

Saint-Nazaire’s sea front was recently the object of an important urban requalification work, intended "to turn the city to the sea".

Finished in 2005, it now looks like a pedestrian walk.

It is lined with lawns, the town side has trees and there are small squares to punctuate it.

From now on, kiosks need to fit into this new landscape, and liven it up with elegance.

Constructive system: a module in wood with cut out aluminium shutters. The architects opted for a modular solution due to the tight construction schedule.

6 metres long by 3.30 metres wide, the kiosk is made up of a "standard" module in wood with aluminium shutters, cut in the form of shells and covered with a fine sand surface.

When the kiosk is open, the shutters fold back and show the wood. They are 5mm thick and fixed to rails at the top, moving in a “Kazed” style.

A strong locking system means they can be held in place at right angles to the facade.

At night, all the area around the kiosk is lit up thanks to the light from inside the shutters.

Location: Saint-Nazaire (44) - France
Surface: 20 m2
Project owner: Town of Saint-Nazaire