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Brotzeit by PostlerFerguson

Brotzeit by PostlerFerguson

London designers PostlerFerguson presented this conceptual packaging for an airline meal at Belgrade Design Week last month.

Brotzeit by Postlerferguson

Called Brotzeit, German for 'Snack', the design would involve packaging locally produced raw food in a set of pebble-like capsules, to be transported and presented in a wooden box.

Brotzeit by Postlerferguson

Belgrade Design Week took place 23-25 May 2011.

Brotzeit by Postlerferguson

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Brotzeit by Postlerferguson

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Brotzeit by Postlerferguson

The information below is from the designers:


Rethinking Economy Class Food

LH466 Economy
Duesseldorf to Miami / 03.02.2011
Flight duration: 10h 15min
Chicken rice with cooked vegetables, prawn salad, apricot cake

How could design help to introduce a new way to cater economy style travellers in a way that she/he will remember this meal as a great experience? How can an airline redefine its brand around one of the most intimate points of interaction with their customers? What a great opportunity would it be if the customers of a Lufthansa flight actually remembers the journey by the tastes, textures and smells of the food that has been served – just like smelling and tasting the brand itself.

We at Postlerferguson developed the “Brotzeit” design proposal that is aimed to inspire decision makers in the airline industry to rethink their approach on how to deliver and serve meals to their customers and what kinds of products are being selected.

All foods can be supplied by local specialist manufacturers to the airline and packed into the Brotzeit boxes of each passenger. Every culture has a rich “on the go” cuisine of pre-prepared dishes, fresh produce, salads, pickles, conserves or raw foods. These foods are made for travelling and we believe future airlines should take advantage of this healthy and divers food culture – it`s Brotzeit!