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Sebastian Wrong launches new limited edition design platform

Dezeen Wire:
designer and co-founder of British brand Established & Sons Sebastian Wrong has launched The Wrong Shop, his own retail venture focusing on limited edition products by leading designers.

The Wrong Shop launched at the Qubique design event in Berlin with an auction of editioned furniture by Sebastian Wrong, Konstantin Grcic, Jerszy Seymour and Wrong with Richard Woods, which raised £4,000 for children's charity Kids Company.

The new project will encourage designers to work outwith the boundaries of commercial production and explore complex, experimental and unorthodox methods of production.

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Here are some more details about The Wrong Shop:

Sebastian Wrong Launches The Wrong Shop at Qubique in Berlin

Designer Sebastian Wrong will launch his new, personal venture, The Wrong Shop, during the Qubique furniture and design trade show in Berlin, on 26 October 2011.

‘The launch will be in the form of an auction with proceeds going to charity,’ says Wrong. ‘I am very excited to be launching it in Berlin, an exciting city at the forefront of European creativity.’

The auction of new products designed by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong (chair), Konstantin Grcic (table), Jerszy Seymour (chair) and Sebastian Wrong (table) will take place during the opening festivities on the first night, 26 October 2011, 7pm. But the pieces will be on display for the duration of the show, until 29 October.

Wrong’s role as Design Director at Established & Sons has given Wrong inspiration to start a side-project that allows the world’s leading designers to explore their creativity without the usual restrictions that come with volume production in a retail-driven market. During the Qubique auction guests will have the chance to bid on these first-off, signed series. Profits from the auction go to the Kids Company charity. (

‘The provenance of production is an essential feature of this business,’ says Wrong. ‘We manufacture in small series which we sell directly to our customers. This allows us to be more flexible in the design and develop products of a quality normally associated with bespoke manufacturing. But most importantly, it moves consumers closer to the source of the manufacturing process, about which we are very transparent. There is huge skill and specialist knowledge in the making of a beautiful piece of furniture. You will appreciate your piece more if you understand who made it and how it was made.’

About Sebastian Wrong

Sebastian Wrong studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art before forming his own manufacturing company in 1996 and later co-created the The Lane design brand that ran for four years. He designed the Spun Light in 2002 (now produced by Flos) and is a founding member and Design Director of Established & Sons. He also teaches Product Design at the Royal College of Art.

Sebastian’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials, as well as his passion for quality product fabrication, are essential components of his Wrong Shop mission.