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Coat-hanger Chopper by Michael Schoner

Dresses whirl past on a radio-controlled coat hanger in this installation by Amsterdam-based German designer Michael Schoner at the Droog flagship store in Amsterdam. The movement was controlled by manipulating two fans, taken from computers, at the top of the mobile while bags of sugar and salt provided counterweights.

Here are some more details from Schoner:

The Coathanger Chopper is a radio-controlled coat-hanger, dangling from a mobile, which allows it to move around in space.

It is powered by two 1,8 watt computer fans, that can be tilted up and down like the eyebrows of Number 5 (the robot of the 1986 movie "short circuit"), thus causing the hanger to spin or move for - or backward. The downward draft of the rotors causes light cloth to wave. In motion the cloth appear to be floating, sometimes moving slow sometimes slinging by fast on the levers of the mobile. Two kilos of salt and one kilo of sugar act as counterweights.

The Coathanger Chopper was shown as part of Amsterdam’s fashion exhibition Winter Salon in collaboration with Painted (Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts). The installation at Droog Designs’s flagship store featured a large projection of the song “The One” by Toversex (Pieter Wackers and Erzsi Pennings) starring Natascha De Jong dancing.

Behind a wooden screen people could try on knitwear out of the “Secrets” collection and place an order.

Jan 21st - Feb 5th 2012 at Droog Design flagship store, Amsterdam