Liquid Rainbow sprinkler by Edwin Deen

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Liquid Rainbow by Edwin Deen

This sprinkler by Dutch artist Edwin Deen sprays jets of coloured water to turn a room into a rainbow (+ slideshow + movie).

Deen used a simple garden sprinkler and seven colour pigments to create the small device.

Liquid Rainbow by Edwin Deen

The sprinkler was first shown at the TAG gallery in The Hague and is now on show at Ampelhaus in Rotterdam until 28 August. From 30 August it will be part of exhibition Barry at the W in the W139 gallery in Amsterdam.

Liquid Rainbow by Edwin Deen

We've previously featured a window made of glass prisms which cast rainbows on the floor.

Liquid Rainbow by Edwin Deen

Above image is by Niels Post

Photography is by Edwin Deen except where otherwise stated.

Liquid Rainbow by Edwin Deen

Above image is by Ampelhaus

Here's some more information from the artist:

Edwin Deen, Liquid Rainbow, 2011

Color pigment, an electric tap, a few metres of hose and a plain garden sprinkler. These are the ingredients Edwin Deen used to create something seemingly impossible: he materialised a rainbow. Liquid Rainbow plays with the tension that occurs when the sun on a rainy day sends its rays to the earth and fills the sky with the elusive promise of a rainbow. The heedless visitor never knows when Liquid Rainbow will enter into force, but when the installation is spraying surprise and joy are never far away. The repetition of the spray movement intensifies the seven colors on the white wall. That change is barely perceptible, but provides 'Liquid Rainbow' with indeed a tangible dimension.

Edwin Deen (1980, Linschoten, NL) is interested in physical processes and the use of everyday objects and base materials. Through experimentation and aesthetic images he emphasises that which we usually neglect in a graceful and attractive, but interesting way. (Text by Lise Lotte ten Voorde.)