Ventura Interieur 2012
Ventura Interieur 2012

Ventura Interieur 2012

Dutch team Organisation in Design will showcase the work of young designers and design schools at Ventura Interieur as part of Biennale Interieur, taking place from 20 to 28 October 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Skale by Sarah Boettger
Top: lamp by Catherine Lovatt

70 designers and new institutions will exhibit at the event, with some presenting their work and ideas during a series of talks.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Rendu by Casalto

Ventura Interieur will be exhibiting at the Buda Island and Kortrijk Xpo areas of the Biennale.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Boxes by Sarah Boettger

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Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: jewellery by Elisabeth Leenknegt

The information below is from Organisation in Design:

Welcome to Ventura Interieur 2012

We welcome you to Ventura Interieur 2012 which takes place from 20 to 28 October 2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: menswear by MariusPetrus

Ventura Interieur is a cutting edge exhibition platform with individual designers, design collectives, design councils, academies and universities as well as new brands on multiple locations within the Biennale Interieur 2012.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: fabian ii by Johannes Hemann

During Ventura Interieur, you can stay update with all the latest news through Facebook and Twitter.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: work by Le Cornu

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Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Opa Piet by Chris Ruhe

Ventura Interieur 2012 Exhibitors and Locations

Ventura Interieur hosts around 70 different exhibitions at two synergetic areas within Biennale Interieur; on the Kortrijk Xpo and on the Buda Island, in the historical and cultural heart of the city Kortrijk.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: furniture by Floris Hovers Ontwerpen

At the Xpo grounds, near the North entrance, a composed presentation of the works by Ventura Interieur exhibitors is in line with this year Biennale Interieur concept; ’Biennale in the City & the City in the Biennale’.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: furniture by Rform

At the second area, Buda Island, Ventura Interieur inhabits multiple spaces such as the ‘Buda Factory’ and the ‘Buda Gallery’. Through a mix of presentations by academies, individual designers, new brands and institutions the audience will be embraced by a landscape full of design.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: work by Sampling

Besides Ventura Interieur, Buda Island hosts many other exciting special projects by for example, Sou Fujimoto, Established & Sons, Piet Hein Eek, and Ross Lovegrove.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Raffaele pendant lamp by Fred & Juul

Ventura Interieur @ Xpo
North entrance between Hall 5 and 6

» Asobi d.o.o. / Tokio, Slovenia
» Bram Vanderbeke, Belgium
» Cathérine Lovatt, Belgium
» DecoLabs, Belgium
» Den Herder Production House, The Netherlands
» Floris Hovers Ontwerpen, The Netherlands
» gt2P, Chile
» HELDER, Belgium
» Joeri Reynaert, Belgium
» Le Cornu, Belgium
» Lille design, France
» Malafor, Poland
» Marc de Groot Design, The Netherlands
» Mathias De Ferm, Belgium
» MVOS, The Netherlands
» Ontwerpbureau Nightshop, The Netherlands
» Ontwerplabel Vij5, The Netherlands
» Patternmaker by Stereooboi, Russia
» Rejon, Germany
» Sampling, Latvia
» Sarah Böttger, Germany
» Sarah Dehandschutter, Belgium
» Special Project: Kamer 465 and Arjan Benning, The Netherlands

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: E X C H A N G E by Mel Roose & MENGAinterior

Ventura Interieur presents a special project by concept and styling studio Kamer 465 and photographer Arjan Benning. Together they will style and photograph, on the spot in a photo booth, various settings with products from the diverse exhibitors of the Biennale Interieur 2012.

Ventura Interieur 2012

Above: Tuberack by Joeri Reynaert

Ventura Interieur @ Buda Factory
Ground Floor

» ABKM/Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht, The Netherlands
» Andrea Brena, Italy
» ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, The Netherlands
» Associated Weavers, Belgium - Presents: Awareness Award