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Smile Makers by Ramblin' Brands

Product news: whether you fancy the Frenchman, the Millionaire, the Tennis Coach or the Fireman, the characters in this range of designer sex toys have been created in response to stereotypical female fantasies.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

The Frenchman, the Millionaire, the Tennis Coach and the Fireman are the first characters in the Smile Makers range of vibrators to be released.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

"We hope that most women will find at least one of her fantasies within our line-up," Ramblin' Brands co-founder Peder Wikstrom told Dezeen.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

Each Smile Maker is shaped to stimulate different erogenous zones and represent its character - the Fireman looks like a flame, the Millionaire is formed like a cigar, the Tennis Coach has a tennis ball at its head and the Frenchman resembles a tongue to symbolise linguistic skills, apparently.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

The battery-powered, waterproof toys are made from silicon and have three speeds as well as a pulsation setting.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

Brand concept and packaging design were created as a collaboration between creatives Micah Walker, Justine Armour, Pim Van Nunen and Deanne Constantine.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

Earlier this year, we reported that designer sex toys had been enjoying record sales following the success of EL James' best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

We featured a travel-friendly vibrator with a lock to avoid accidental activation not too long ago too.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

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The text below is from Ramblin' Brands:

What’s all this then?

Who’s behind these colorful little fellas with the funny names? Well, we are. And we’re Smile Makers. It’s our name because it’s what we believe in. Smiles. Big ones. They look beautiful on you. And feel even better.

We believe it so much we created this little gathering of friends for you to play with. Happiness gadgets. Glee contraptions. Joy creators. Vibrators. Call them what you will, they know exactly how to keep a smile on your dial.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

And because we believe that’s as healthy as it is lovely, you won’t find us in places that might make you uncomfortable. No red lights, no grubby back alleys. That’s just not our style. You can find us at though, and pretty soon in health and beauty departments all over the world.

It’s nice to meet you. And when you’re up for a smile, come play with us.

This is Us

Smile Makers are here to create smiles and share good vibes with the world. Smiles feel great and make you look lovely because there’s happiness behind them, and they’re contagious in the best kind of way.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

What are Smile Makers? Only the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet.

We think sexual health and overall health are connected, and a cheeky grin is one of the most gorgeous things you can wear. In fact, we think of a smile as the ultimate cosmetic.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

Our Approach

You won’t find Smile Makers in places that make you uncomfortable. There will be no grubby back alleys or seedy sex shops for us. Instead you’ll find our collection online at and pretty soon in health and beauty departments all over the world, right beside your favourite beauty brands.

That’s because, from concept and design to packaging and approach, we want to make it a happy experience to find a play partner. Having a bit of fun should never be something you’re made to feel awkward about, so we’re friendly, never take ourselves too seriously, and we promise to be nice to you. Every time.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

Our Proposition

Beauty starts with a smile


To keep the giggles coming along and the tongues wagging, each of our products are named after a classic fantasy character. We’re kicking off with four, but will add more to the stable soon.

Sure it’s irreverent and cheeky, but that’s who we are. And part of being a more loved play friend is being able to not take yourself too seriously.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

The toy-­like portraits we’ve created to illustrate the fantasy characters is our way of keeping it light and accessible. Couple this graphic style with our tone of voice and personality, and you have something very us.

The best thing the fantasy characters do for our brand is that they give us a range of voices through which we can talk to our consumers. Every time a Smile Maker comes out, the name gives us another unique and ownable way to talk about him.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

The Fireman

Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Well, the house may be burning but this helmeted stud isn't afraid of an intense situation. He's strong. He's brave. And, oh my, he's going to heat you up and leave you smoldering. Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno, you damsel in distress. Your hero is coming.

The Frenchman

Who knows what he's saying, but does it matter? This sexy linguist has got you locked in his gaze and soon you'll be delightfully fluent in his native tongue. So make yourself comfortable, mademoiselle, because when it comes to passion this master's going to give you an education.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands

The Tennis Coach

He's tanned, he looks mighty fine in a pair of little white shorts, and he sure knows what he's doing with that forehand stroke. According to him, perfect play is about skilful aim, so after your sweat session at the net, there's nothing quite like taking him back to yours for a little off-court, indoor action.

The Millionaire

His yacht. His private jet. His island. His thick, long diamond-encrusted fingers. And you. This guy is a collector of the finer things in life, and it turns out you're his favourite plaything of all. He's a powerful player with a great, big trust fund, and he knows exactly how to use it.

Smile Makers by Ramblin Brands


Ramblin’ Brands worked with a collective from the agency world led by reknowned creatives Micah Walker, Justine Armour, Pim Van Nunen and Deanne Constantine to create Smile Makers.