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A Tenuto 2 vibrator held in a hand

Tenuto 2 is a wearable vibrator designed to tackle erectile dysfunction

British company MysteryVibe has developed a sex toy that can be slipped over the penis to help the wearer achieve and maintain an erection while also stimulating their partner during intercourse.

Tenuto 2 resembles a penis ring with four motors providing localised vibrational therapy to improve circulation in the area, while two flexible "wings" sit tightly at the base to prevent the blood from draining away.

Bottom-up view of a Hand holding up Tanuto 2, a wearable vibrator for erectile dysfunction by MysteryVibe
Tanuto 2 is a "wearable vibrator"

The device was designed as a more affordable, accessible alternative to erectile dysfunction (ED) medications like sildenafil, also known under the brand name Viagra, which require prescriptions in most countries and can cause unwanted side effects such as headaches and nausea.

At the same time, the device also functions as a wearable vibrator, with the integrated motors targetting multiple erogenous zones including the perineum of the wearer and the clitoris of the partner.

Woman holding Tanuto 2 sex toy over a man's crotch
The device was designed to help with erectile dysfunction

"The device's ergonomic and simplistic design seamlessly incorporates medical technology with pleasure to appeal to everyone, whether solving ED or improving their sex life," MysteryVibe's CEO and co-founder Soumyadip Rakshit told Dezeen.

"The problem or pain point becomes secondary next to the primary function of pleasure."

Illustration of how to put on Hand holding up Tanuto 2, a wearable vibrator for erectile dysfunction by MysteryVibe
It can be slipped over the penis like a traditional constriction ring

While traditional penis constriction rings can also help with erectile dysfunction, Rakshit says these sex aids are often rigid, non-adjustable and can hinder ejaculation.

To address these issues, MysteryVibe has created an adaptable design with a central opening, which it claims can stretch to fit 90 per cent of penis sizes alongside the testicles, while the flexible wings in the middle help to separate the two.

Silicone sex toy next to a mobile phone with an app open
An accompanying mobile app allows users to adjust the intensity

This is possible with the help of malleable electronics, developed to bend with the product without tearing but also retain their structure with repeated use.

The integrated motors were placed strategically to provide muscle vibrations to the perineum – located between the anus and the scrotum – and the suprapubic area above the pubic bone, which can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and vulva during intercourse.

An accompanying mobile app and buttons at the bottom of the device allow users to pick between eight different vibration patterns and 16 intensities.

Tenuto 2 was also designed to work for those struggling with erectile dysfunction as a result of cardiovascular issues or nerve damage sustained as a result of back injuries and surgeries to treat prostate, colon or rectal cancer, according to MysteryVibe.

Frontal view of Tenuto 2 wearable vibrator
Two flexible "wings" fit tightly around the base of the penis

These claims are backed by a recent medical case study, in which a 59-year-old man struggling with erectile dysfunction following colorectal cancer surgery trialled the device over the course of five weeks.

By the end of the test period, the patient saw an improvement of eight points in the erectile function section of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), going from a "severe" erectile dysfunction score of seven to a "moderate" 15.

Woman holding Tanuto 2 sex toy over a man's crotch
The device can also be used by those experiencing ED as a result of injuries or surgeries

However further testing with a larger sample size as part of a peer-reviewed process is necessary to confirm Tenuto 2's efficacy across different demographics.

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