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Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet

New York designer Joe Doucet created this mirror that makes the viewer look as if they're immersed in water as a tribute to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The blue lower half of the circular mirror refracts the light slightly compared to the total reflection of the top, so a small portion of the visage appears in both. The effect is similar to looking through a glass tank that's half-full of water.

Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet

Joe Doucet's studio is located in Lower Manhattan, one of the areas worst affected by the storm, and he designed the piece to be a daily reminder of the natural disaster.

"The mirror came about by my thinking that it had been less than six months since Sandy and I almost never thought about it," he says. "I was struck by how quickly we forget tragedy."

Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet

Named after the unit of measurement for water depth, the one-off Fathom Mirror was created for an exhibition and auctioned off with work by other New York designers to raise money for disaster relief.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, photographer Iwan Baan captured images of Manhattan's dark, flooded streets.

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