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Lamp hanging beside bed

A selection of products by Petite Friture feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: French design brand Petite Friture has listed a spectrum of furniture and lighting pieces on Dezeen Showroom, including a portable lamp characterised by its colourful suspension cord.

Petite Friture teamed up with French designer Samy Rio to create the Quasar lamp – a portable light featuring a multicoloured strap that references the heavy duty ropes used in outdoor activities.

Quasar portable lamp by Samy Rio for Petite Friture
Quasar can be carried with and hung from its strap

The thick, durable cord is threaded through a tube attached to the head of the lamp, which emits light that can be adjusted between three intensities and three temperatures.

Quasar's anodized aluminium body is available in five saturated colours with a corresponding patterned rope and contains a battery that lasts up to 12 hours between charges.

White Fromme outdoor collection by Tom Chung for Petite Friture in a garden
The new white finish accentuates Fromme's simple composition

The brand collaborated with Canadian industrial designer Tom Chung on a fresh finish for its minimalistic Fromme furniture collection.

The new colour is a clean, bright white hue that highlights the simple forms that make up the collection of functional yet sophisticated cafe-style dining furniture.

Two Wander mirrors by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture in a bedroom
Wander mirrors are available in three sizes

Design studio AC/AL worked with the brand to create a series of translucent bicolour frames that contain playfully shaped mirrors.

A specialised hanging system means that Wander mirrors sit a small distance from the surface of the wall, allowing light to pass through the frame and create a halo of colour.

Week End outdoor furniture by Petite Friture
Week End has a slatted design that gives the illusion of a striped finish

Petite Friture and Parisian design studio Brichet Ziegler came together to create the Week-End outdoor furniture collection, which now comes in a new colour called Dune.

The collection consists of seats and tables with playfully rounded elements that are made elegant by Dune, which the company describes as "the perfect nude".

Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC for Petite Friture
Neotenic lamp now comes in blue

New York-based design studio Jumbo created the Neotenic lamp jointly with Petite Friture, which now comes in a vivid cobalt-blue hue.

The blue Neontenic lamp joins the original shades of vanilla, vermilion and cherry and comes in two size options – a small lamp designed to sit on a tabletop and larger one intended to be placed on the floor.

Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC for Petite Friture posed around a matching blue table and chairs
The lamp comes in two size formats

Petite Friture is a French brand that designs and manufactures lighting, furniture and decor pieces with an emphasis on using recyclable materials and FSC certified timber.

The brand was originally founded in 2009 and is headquartered in France.

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