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Heritage wall mirror by Studio Seitz

Heritage wall mirror by Studio Seitz

Dezeen Showroom: the founders of Studio Seitz drew on their Swiss background to design the Heritage wall mirror, which features hidden carvings and a form inspired by Alpine milking pails.

The inside of the solid wood Heritage wall mirror features 16 geometric facets, which recall the construction of a classic Alpine milking pail, or "Fahreimer".

Heritage wall mirror by Studio Seitz
The Heritage wall mirror features intricate wood carvings hidden on its exterior

Its exterior features another near-lost craft from the region: wood carving, or "Schnitzerei".

As Studio Seitz explain, from the 18th century onwards, as Swiss herdsmen grew wealthy from the popularity of goat's milk, their equipment was increasingly decorated with these intricate carvings. Now, the craft is only practised by five artisans in eastern Switzerland.

Heritage wall mirror by Studio Seitz
The inside of the mirror is faceted like an alpine milk pail

"We love to explore new applications for traditional methods," said Studio Seitz. "We knew that incorporating this carving tradition could round the piece out perfectly with that care and passion you don't get from mass manufacturing."

"In the end, we think we created something contemporary but still holds true to the tried and true spirit and methods of Alpine traditions."

The Heritage wall mirror is made in Switzerland from solid European ash wood, and comes in either a natural or ebonised finish.

Product: Heritage wall mirror
Brand: Studio Seitz
Contact: [email protected]

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