Vesper vibrator necklace by Crave

"You sound sexy when you speak dirty Dezeen!"

Comments update: our story about a USB-powered vibrator that doubles as a pendant generated the most titillating comments of the week and sparked a discussion about the kind of language we allow on Dezeen.

Comments regular Colonel Pancake complained that we'd edited a swear word out of his comment; our slightly po-faced response led You Little Flirt to say: "You sound sexy when you speak dirty Dezeen!" Read the comments on this story »

Plagiarism row: news that the Royal College of Art has found a graduate "technically" guilty of plagiarism was one of last week's most commented stories, with most readers feeling the school had let the student off the hook.

"Guilty, but no punishment," wrote Mike. "RCA and Imperial risk tarnishing their reputation with this fudge. Remove his degree and let him deal with the consequences."

However Donny pointed out that with most students paying for their courses these days, colleges would come under intense legal scrutiny if they were to fail a student. "I worked as an educator (in Asia) at a private design institute," Donny wrote. "If students pay for the education, you open yourself up to legal repercussions by punishing/failing them." Read the comments on this story »

Israel row: Desmond Tutu's call for Israeli architects to be suspended from the profession's global body over the situation in Gaza generated the most comments of the week. "As if Israeli architects have anything to do with the IDF's war decisions," wrote Huh?. "As if Palestinian children had anything to do with Hamas rocket attacks," retorted Felix TannenbaumRead the comments on this story »

But what is it for? A mouth-distorting prosthetic triggered one of those frequent "Is it design or art?" debates, which The Liberty Discipline summed up by saying: "I can't decide which is funnier, the HyperLip or the angry comments." Read the comments on this story »

Kitchen sink: finally, an apartment for a family in Amsterdam led to a discussion about different domestic cultures, with VanDog describing the sunken kitchen as a "sunless wife-prison" and Bassel responding: "Critics should take note that this Amsterdam apartment was designed for a Japanese family with Japanese sensitivities. Japanese people tend to sit on the floor and the sunken kitchen would bring those standing in the kitchen to their level." Read the comments on this story »