Zaha Hadid homeware collection launches at Harrods

London Design Festival 2014: architect Zaha Hadid has launched her first homeware collection, including vessels, candelabras and a chess set, at London department store Harrods (+ slideshow).

Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Prime Scented Candle

Revealed during an event at Harrods this morning, the range by Zaha Hadid Design consists of a series new designs as well as some of the studio's existing products for the home.

The sculptural objects follow the London-based architect's signature style, scaled down to look like miniature buildings.

Platter from Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Aqua Platter

"The homeware pieces subtly reference Zaha's architecture," Zaha Hadid Design director Woody Yao told Dezeen. "You can see certain aspects of different buildings in the various designs."

Ceramic and bone china tableware features alongside acrylic and resin pieces. Most come in white, black and clear versions, with hints of green and pink used throughout.

Platter from Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Aqua Platter

The Aqua Platter is designed to echo the structure of Hadid's London 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre.

"The platters follow similar forms to the roof on the Olympic Aquatic centre, but seen from an angled perspective rather than simply copying the shape," said Yao.

Chess set from Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Field of Towers Chess Set

Five pieces fit beside each other in size order, created in clear resin with bright colours blended in at the points that touch the surface.

Polished resin pieces created for the Field of Towers chess set create the effect of a city skyline when arranged on the board.

The black board can be opened up to store the pieces inside the lime-green-lined case when not in use.

Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Braid Candle Holders

Sculptural candlesticks and a double-headed candelabra are made from translucent tinted acrylic.

There's also a range of scented candles housed within vessels based on studies for the architect's skyscraper designs.

Two scents, one for day and one for night contained in white and black containers respectively, were chosen by Hadid and her team.

Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Braid Candle Holder

A set of small ceramic vessels, designed for multiple uses, have curved matte surfaces and are glazed inside.

All the pieces in collection are made in Europe, with the ceramics cast in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Along with the full range of new pieces, Hadid's Aria and Avia lamps for Slamp and Nova shoes for United Nude are on display on the second floor of the Knightsbridge department store.

Zaha Hadid homeware collection
Prime Orient-Large

Harrods is also selling a selection of relief models and artwork by Hadid, available as limited editions.

The collection was launched to coincide with the year's London Design Festival, which continues until 21 September.