Fifti-fifti's Spring is a wall-mounted clothes rail

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Fifti-fifti's Spring simplifies the wardrobe into a wall-mounted clothes rail

German design studio Fifti-fifti has created a simple clothing storage solution using a wooden beam mounted on brackets that look like springs.

Wall Spring by Fifti-fifti

Fifti-fifti's Spring comprises a beech rod held parallel to the wall by a pair of steel wire spring-shaped brackets, creating a simplified version of a wardrobe suitable for small living spaces.

The powder-coated steel wire, manufactured in the same way as industrial springs, is formed into two triangular objects, fixed to the wall with two screws.

Wall Spring by Fifti-fifti

A loop at the point of the triangle holds a beech rod parallel to the wall, creating a hanging rail. The result is a lightweight, stable form, strong enough to hold up to 20 garments.

Wall Spring by Fifti-fifti

"The design was inspired by the many improvised wardrobes that I have seen in homes," studio founder Maximilian Schmahl told Dezeen. "Often, a simple rod is enough to hang your clothes."

The simple form and neutral colour palette reference classic Danish design.

Wall Spring by Fifti-fifti

"I like the combination of beech and light powder-coated metal," said the designer. "The two materials complement each other well and give a warm homely character."

Previous projects from Fifti-fifti include a metal shelving system held in place with fabric straps and paper lampshades made from laser-scored paper with sections popped out by the user.

Wall Spring by Fifti-fifti

Other compact storage solutions for tight spaces include thin black aluminium tubes slotted together into a scaffolding-inspired clothes rail and two ladders joined by hidden hinges to create an adaptable slimline coat rack.