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Labvert's glass fragrance tester for Dior prevents mixing of scents

Viennese design studio Labvert has produced a glass fragrance tester for fashion house Dior to replace the slips of card normally used when sampling perfumes.

Labvert's vials are designed to prevent the co-mingling of different scents and create a more effective testing experience.

Fragrance Tester by Labvert for Dior

Shoppers usually spray perfume onto paper strips to try out different smells. However, if the scent gets on the tester's already perfumed hand, the cross-contamination of fragrances renders the new aroma indistinguishable.

The funnel-shaped glass testers contain a ceramic cylinder carrying the perfume, which can be smelt within the confines of the protective glass shield.

Fragrance Tester by Labvert for Dior

"A simple noble form was required, that would not compete with the perfume bottles but complement them," Stephan Vary, head of Labvert, told Dezeen.

"As a body, a cone made of glass was chosen, which reflects the different fragrances of perfumes in an absolutely authentic and genuine way."

Fragrance Tester by Labvert for Dior

The glass is cut in a way that creates refractions when held up to the light, to accentuate the material.

Ceramic was chosen to hold the scented liquid as it performs well as a fragrance carrier, according to Vary.

Fragrance Tester by Labvert for Dior

"The newly created object combines perfect craftsmanship with an olfactory experience," said the designer.

Previous projects the architecture and design studio has undertaken for Dior include the redesign of product presentation and showroom interiors, as well as a make-up chair designed in collaboration with furniture company Wittmann.

Photography is by Michael Dürr.