"Just because you can 3D-print something, doesn't mean you should"

Comments update: what's the point in using 3D printing technology to create "impractical and uncomfortable shoes?" Read on for more on this and other most commented Dezeen stories this week.

If the shoe fits: five well-known architects and designers including Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young have designed sculptural footwear for United Nude. Many readers were shocked by the radical designs.

"Why use this amazing technology just to make impractical and uncomfortable shoes?" asked JennyX1. "People would be more interested if they were relatable products."

"This goes to prove that just because you can 3D-print something, doesn't mean you should," added John.

Others congratulated the collection for provoking debate. "This is a fantastic exploration," argued James. "Of course they aren't practical, but they're not meant to be. This is all about pushing the boundaries and shocking people." Read the comments on this story »

Aikuchi sword by Marc Newson for WOW
Aikuchi sword by Marc Newson for WOW

Swordplay: readers leapt to comment on Marc Newson's samurai sword, with some feeling uneasy about the message behind the project. "I'm not comfortable with a designer of his calibre designing weapons," said Luke MT. "I'm certain they don't make the world a better place."

"It has no social or cultural value to speak of and offers no insight into anything," added John Hannah. "Its promotion here reflects how vapid design culture has become."

The design comes just months after Newson launched a shotgun, prompting a discussion of what the designer's next weapon will be. "I'm personally holding out for the Marc Newson-designed hand grenade," joked CLSRead the comments on this story »

Marc Jacobs portrait
Marc Jacobs

Earning stripes: News that sports brand Adidas is suing fashion designer Marc Jacobs for "tarnishing" its three-stripe motif provoked a strong response. "Kindergarten kids can tell the difference between three and four stripes," wrote Rank Frank. "Adidas, grow up."

Many offered other examples of striped motifs being used in design – and rushed to defend Jacobs. "Sounds spurious to me," said Henry Auvil. "Why would a designer with a highly coveted (and expensive) brand of his own want to deceive the consumer?"

However, Reekke saw things differently. "This lawsuit will no doubt attract media interest and hence command public attention, therefore the cost of lawyers will no doubt be offset by free advertising." Read the comments on this story »

Patrik Schumacher

Point-scoring: Patrik Schumacher's attack on "superficial and ignorant" criticism of iconic buildings and star architects sparked a debate among readers about the role of critics.

"There is an obvious and all-too-frequent bashing of celebrity, in all industries, by critics," said Bradley L Bowers. "The role of a critic should be to explain all work with no tainted bias."

Not everybody agreed. "The author of this piece is blinded by their own hubris," replied Steve. "It is precisely this type of mindset that makes the role of the critic so important in society, to keep the powerful in check and filter their propaganda into a form of discourse that calls out the charlatans." Read the comments on this story »