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CF Møller plans Denmark's largest sewage-pumping station

Scandinavian architecture firm CF Møller has presented its plans to build Denmark's largest sewage-pumping station in Copenhagen.

The 7,400-square-metre pumping station will be constructed to the east of the city centre and will feature two 24-metre-high pressure towers and green roofs.

CF Møller, which is also working on plans for the world's tallest wooden skyscraper, intends the project as a model for large-scale sustainable utilities buildings in Danish cities.

CF Møller designs Denmark's largest sewage pumping station

"The new pumping station will been created with a focus on combining technology and architecture from the outset," said the firm. "Good physical working and operating environment, reliability, sustainability, climate change adaptation and facility management are key focal points of the project."

Set for completion in 2017, the structure will be built on Kløvermarksvej, a street that extends alongside the Kløvermarken (Clover Field) park.

It will replace the existing pumping station nearby – a building designed in 1901 by Ludvig Fenger, who served as Copenhagen's city architect 1886 to 1904 and was responsible for the city's Vestre Prison, central fire station and several churches.

CF Møller designs Denmark's largest sewage pumping station

"The new pumping station and its associated operational functions are closely integrated into the dense urban context, as a new distinctive layout that creates an overall architectural coherence between new and old and between the city and its infrastructure," said CF Møller.

The building will boast a round shape that mimics the layout of the underground pumping well.

CF Møller designs Denmark's largest sewage pumping station
Existing pumping station by Ludvig Fenger

Circular gardens will be created at the north and south ends of the building, creating outdoor areas for staff and allowing rainwater harvesting facilities to be integrated into the site.

The project will be delivered in partnership with utilities consultant Krüger to a budget of £178 million.

The Kløvermarksvej pumping station is the latest in a series of infrastructure projects undertaken by CF Møller in recent years, including a gas compressor station in Egtved and an electricity station in Vejen.

CF Møller designs Denmark's largest sewage pumping station
Site overview – click for larger image