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National Museum of Qatar to crowdsource its visual identity

The National Museum of Qatar is taking suggestions for its new logo and branding as part of a nationwide competition encouraging public involvement in design.

All Qatari nationals over the age of 18 will be able to enter and suggest designs for the new museum's graphic identity.

The building (pictured), which will open in Doha next year, is being designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel and is intended to transform the country into a hub of culture and communications.

Overseen by organisation Qatar Museums, the competition has been described by the institution as a chance to "leave your mark on a national icon".

The announcement comes just after New Zealand released 40 designs by members of the public for its new national flag, which will be pitted against its current flag in a nationwide vote.

National Museum-of-Qatar crowdsourced identity

The submitted designs for the Qatar museum's identity will be judged by a panel that includes senior executive members of Qatar Museums.

The winning suggestion will be announced on 29 September 2015, and the museum's design agency Pentagram will oversee its transformation into a workable visual identity.

The studio has already undertaken an initial research phase and completed a comprehensive brief, which is available to all competition entrants.

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"The new logo and visual identity aims to incorporate aspects of heritage and innovation," said Pentagram in the introduction to the brief. "We believe it is vital that the museum is recognised as an international cultural destination, surpassing museum standards."

"We want to create a brand that is a true reflection of the new National Museum of Qatar which will act as a personified image of Qatar and the future without relinquishing the heritage and traditions of the past. The brand will be full of energy and motivation, to inspire the nation."

National Museum-of-Qatar crowdsourced identity

Although Qatar Museums will retain ownership of all submitted designs, it has promised to fly the winner to London for two weeks, where they'll be given the chance to work alongside Pentagram to complete the project.

The final visual identity will then be deployed across 25 different applications, which will likely include the museum's website, signage and promotional material.

"We've been consulting the National Museum of Qatar for a number of years," Pentagram partner Angus Hyland told DesignWeek. "The competition engages Qataris with the museum, an important new cultural landmark, in an active and participatory way."

The competition follows a wider trend for crowdsourcing in architecture and design. Karim Rashid recently asked his Facebook followers to choose the facade for his building in New York and Porsche previously unveiled a unique version of its 911 car, which was voted for using social media.