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Pedrali expands its wood division in Manzano

Dezeen promotion: Italian brand Pedrali is celebrating 10 years of wooden furniture production by expanding its dedicated woodworking facility in Manzano, in the Italian province of Udine (+ movie).

Pedrali expands wood division
Pedrali has upgraded their wood division, which includes a sanding station, for their 10th anniversary. Photograph by Filippo Romano

Launched in 1963, Pedrali is managed by Giuseppe and Monica Pedrali. The brand established a production centre dedicated to wood in 2006, before moving to a larger site six years later. The facility has now been upgraded again for the 10th anniversary.

Pedrali expands wood division
A robotic painting system that uses water-based coating was recently installed at the facility. Photograph by Filippo Romano

"The tradition of artisan woodworking in the Friuli area, coupled with our extensive experience in the use of different materials, has allowed us to create a collection of furniture that responds to the demands of versatility and customisation in the contract sector," said Giuseppe Pedrali, the company's CEO.

Pedrali expands wood division
The centre also has computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines for milling and contouring. Photograph by Filippo Romano

"This encouraging sign confirms the real value of Italian production in terms of craftsmanship, technological innovation and creativity."

In 2013, the production unit in Manzano obtained the FSC Chain of Custody certification. This guarantees that the raw material used originates from forests that are responsibly managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Pedrali expands wood division
More than 40 wooden families are used in the facility. Photograph by Filippo Romano

Recently a robotic painting system that uses water-based coating was installed at the facility. The new process limits the emissions of volatile organic compounds, reducing environmental impact.

The centre also has computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines for milling and contouring, while sandwich panel presses are used for bonding.

Pedrali expands wood division
Coating of wooden legs. Photograph by Filippo Romano

Rather than using solid pieces of wood, the brand's production technique layers woods such as oak, ash and walnut. The company is also developing solutions for gluing and joining, as well as ways to combine plastics and metals.

Pedrali expands wood division
Milling and contouring stations where CNC machines are used. Photograph by Filippo Romano

Pedrali's wooden furniture products include Frida – an oak chair designed by Odo Fioravanti, which was awarded the XXII ADI Compasso d'Oro in 2011.

Pedrali expands wood division
Odo Fioravanti's Babila collection features a slim plywood seat and solid ash legs

Other examples of the brand's wooden furniture are the Babila chair, which features a slim plywood seat and solid ash legs that are also available in steel – either individually or as sled frames and the Nemea chair that combines a die-casted aluminium frame, to provide structural strength, with a plywood seat and legs in solid ash.

Pedrali expands wood division
Nemea chair by Michele Cazzaniga combines a die-casted aluminium frame with a plywood seat and legs in solid ash

Pedrali also provided the furniture for a restaurant within the Milan headquarters for food company Nestlé and three armchairs designed to make hotel waiting rooms, bar terraces and office common areas more comfortable.