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Watch IKEA's Democratic Design Day live from Sweden

Dezeen promotion: Tune in here for the live stream from IKEA's annual Democratic Design Day event in Älmhult, Sweden, for the latest news from the furniture giant.

The live stream will begin at 10.30am Älmhult time, which is 9.30am London time, and 4.30am New York time.

IKEA's Democratic Design Day aims to make the company more transparent by sharing some of its behind-the-scenes research and processes, and will take place in Älmhult – home of the first IKEA store.

During the live broadcast, IKEA will reveal its next round of collaborators from the wider design industry, following on from the success of its Sinnerlig collection by London-based Ilse Crawford last year.

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Ikea Democratic Design Day live stream

More information from IKEA:

Democratic Design Day is a day when IKEA shares what the company is curious about and what it's working on right now. IKEA gives a sneak peek of upcoming collections and products – and introduces some of the new design collaborations. IKEA will also share how the company works with Democratic Design, creating products to love.

First look at new IKEA Life at Home Report

The first step to let people's real aspirations and dreams be the starting point in IKEA's product development, the people's lives are explored at home through home visits and research. IKEA will share insights from the new Life at Home Report and invite the audience to explore the areas of the home which IKEA is curious about right now.

First look at new collections and products

IKEA will show a selection of upcoming collections and products. Democratic Design Day is an opportunity to meet the people behind IKEA, from engineers to product developers and designers, sharing the story of their work. IKEA will also introduce some of its new friends and design collaborations.

Democratic Design – IKEA's Design Process

IKEA will share how the company works with Democratic Design from ideas, through product development on the factory floor, to the final product. The audience will get the opportunity to see how IKEA explores and works together in the prototype shop to develop products to love.