10 of the most popular bedrooms from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

From a tiny alcove featuring an oversized skylight to a glass shed that can be assembled in remote locations, this week we've rounded up the most-pinned bedrooms ever to be featured on Dezeen (+ slideshow).

10. House of Trace by Tsuruta Architects

Top 10 bedrooms on Dezeen's Pinterest

This bedroom within a south London house extension features an exposed brick wall, wooden floors and a custom-designed plywood bed.

Designed by Tsuruta Architects, the project was named overall winner of 2015's Don't Move, Improve! awardsRead more about House of Trace »

9. Fujigaoka M apartment by Sinato

Top 10 bedrooms on Dezeen's Pinterest

Tokyo architecture studio Sinato divided up the living spaces of a Japanese apartment to create two new bedrooms for a married couple.

The newly added L-shaped wall acts as a partition and shelving unit. Read more about Fujigaoka M apartment »

8. Sleep and Play by Ruetemple

Sleep and play interior by Ruetemple in Moscow Russia

This summer house by Russian architecture studio Ruetemple features a play area above the master bedroom, allowing the children to amuse themselves while their parents have a lie-in. Read more about Sleep and Play »

7. Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio


Soft beige tones and muted shades create a warm ambience in this renovated Stockholm loft apartment by Sweden-based Note Design Studio. Read more about Casa Ljungdahl »

6. Hotel Elqui Domos by RDM Arquitectura

Top 10 bedrooms on Dezeen's Pinterest

Guests to this Chilean hotel can stargaze through a large angled skylight while lying in their beds.

Designed by RDM Arquitectura, each room occupies its own timber cabin. Read more about Hotel Elqui Domos »

5. Binh Thanh House by Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa

Top 10 bedrooms on Dezeen's Pinterest

Hollow concrete blocks in a chequerboard pattern create skylights for the bedroom of this house in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese studios Vo Trong Nghia Architects and Sanuki + Nishizawa developed the design to suit the country's tropical climate. Read more about Binh Thanh House »

4. Mediterrani 32, Sant Pol de Mar by Daniel Isern


This bedroom cantilevers from the side of a hilltop Barcelona residence by Spanish architect Daniel Isern, offering views of the surrounding woodland.

Like the house's exterior, the room features bare concrete walls. Read more about Mediterrani 32 »

3. Garden Shed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth

Top 10 bedrooms on Dezeen's Pinterest

Designer Linda Bergroth adapted a greenhouse to create this transparent bedrooms that can be installed in remote locations. Read more about Garden Shed »

2. Skyhouse by David Hotson and Ghislaine Viñas


A tiny alcove with an oversized skylight almost nabs the top spot for most-pinned bedroom interior. Local architect David Hotson designed each space in the New York City penthouse to exploit views of the skyline. Read more about Skyhouse »

1. 100m3 by MYCC


Our most popular bedroom on Pinterest is a sunken sleeping space with a lounge platform above. A ladder connects the two spaces, both located inside a 20-square-metre Madrid apartment by Spanish architects MYCCRead more about 100m3 »

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