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Grobo home gardening system makes growing weed easier

A Canadian startup has designed an app-controlled home growing system that is intended to make growing organic food and cannabis easier (+ movie).

To accommodate marijuana plants and other larger crops, the company designed its Grobo device to be larger than similar home gardening products on the market.

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

The team wanted to tailor their system towards patients who rely on medicinal cannabis for pain management.

"As we developed this product, we realised that many medicinal cannabis patients were actually looking for a solution which allows them to easily grow high-quality medication," CEO Bjorn Dawson told Dezeen.

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

"For them, it's a question of health, and so they care strongly about how the plant is grown, but many would rather spend the time enjoying themselves than designing, building and maintaining DIY growing systems, which are the current standard."

However, the company distances itself from illegal cannabis growing, with a disclaimer on its website asking that "customers ensure cultivation is legal in their place of residence".

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

Grobo features reservoirs for water and nutrients, and a section for seeds and earth inside. The device is connected to an app that allows users to monitor the growing process.

A carbon filter eliminates smells a plant may produce, and a coconut-based growing medium eliminates the risk of soil-borne pests.

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

Sensors inside Grobo monitor the condition of the plant, automatically adjusting its watering schedule. They also alert the user when the crop is ready to harvest.

The minimal system is made from aluminium with Canadian hardwood elements, and it features a misty glass door that diffuses light at night. Coloured LEDs are tailored to suit different types of plants and times of day.

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

"Grobo was designed to merge both technology and nature while fitting nicely into anyone's home," said Dawson. "The metal sidewalls give the product a more industrial and futuristic feel while the white colouring is in contrast to the black grow tents and traditionally messy nature of home growing."

"The wood top and bottom serve as the other accents for this product, as a means to connect back to the more natural aspect and the amazing growth occurring inside the unit."

Grobo designs app-controlled indoor gardening system

Grobo is currently available for preorder for $899 (£691). After the first 30 days, the price will gradually increase until it hits its regular price of $1,399 (£1,076). The electricity costs of the system are less than a fridge.

Grobo is the latest in a series of products designed for city-dwelling gardeners who lack access to outdoor space. Earlier in the year, Ikea released its home hydroponics kits, which allow plants and vegetables to be grown indoors without soil or sunlight.

Oslo design studio Anderssen & Voll has also designed products for tending to indoor greenery, creating a set of gardening tools that includes a watering can with a long, precise spout.