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Donut Pipes by John Quick

Eight design-led products for cannabis smoking including bongs and pipes

To mark today's 420 cannabis celebration, we've rounded up eight products for marijuana smokers including a range of doughnut-shaped pipes and packaging that looks like Lego bricks.

Since the legalisation of the drug in the US began in 2012 and happend in Canada in 2018, there has been an explosion of design-led, cannabis-related products that appeal to the more experimental consumer.

As a result, cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US and many international designers are capitalising on the trend.

Today, 20 April, is an annual day to celebration weed smoking known as 420, as it is the the 20th day of the fourth month.

Here are eight cannabis-related products created by designers:

Heirloom Stack by Castor

Heirloom Stack by Castor Design

Created by Toronto studio Castor Design, this range of pink marijuana accessories is modelled on vintage crystal vessels such as candy dishes.

The designers hoped that the familiarly shaped objects would appeal to smokers in older age brackets as they don't look like typical marijuana accessories.

The three-piece set comprises an ashtray that serves as the base for a grinder and a cone-shaped pipe that can be stacked on top.

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Donut bongs by John Quick

Donut Pipes by John Quick

Called Donut Pipes, this collection of ceramic pipes were designed to resemble the popular fried snacks.

College graduate John Quick finished each of the palm-sized pipes with colourful glazes to resemble classic, sprinkled, frosted and chocolate doughnuts.

The hollow ceramic rings have air holes at either end – one for inhaling and the other for releasing smoke.

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Three coloured bongs on steps

WEED'D by Simone Bonanni, Valerio Sommella and Maddalena Casadei 

Aiming to plug a gap in the crowded cannabis market, Italian designers Simone Bonanni, Valerio Sommella and Maddalena Casadei created a trio of modern bongs for recently launched Milanese brand WEED'D.

Designed to contrast traditional smoking objects, the trio of eye-catching bongs come in yellow, navy blue and nude hues.

The brand hoped that the unusual shapes and bright colours would make the collection impossible to lose sight of even "when mum comes home".

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The Wiggle Pipe by Nik Bentel

The Wiggle Pipe by Nikolas Bentel

New York designer Nikolas Bentel released a limited collection of 100 pipes for smoking weed in his signature absurd style.

Named The Wiggle Pipe for its unconventional snaking shape, the pipes are handmade from porcelain and have a blue mouthpiece, curved yellow stem and white bowl.

The pipes have drawn comparisons with furniture from the Memphis movement, a 1980s design style typified by clashing colours and unexpected formal arrangements.

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Houseplant cannabis containers in freefalling positions

Houseplant by MA-MA and Pràctica

These chunky, brightly coloured bricks by design studios MA-MA and Pràctica encase three different strains of cannabis.

The lids have a circular top that sticks out and makes them stackable like Lego bricks, while a custom typeface and modernist graphics adorn the front of the packaging.

The packaging was created to mark the launch of Houseplant, a Canadian cannabis company founded by actor Seth Rogen.

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ALT cannabis packaging

ALT by Very Polite Agency

ALT is a liquid cannabis product that comes in resealable vials and vacuum-sealed in silver foil packages designed by Very Polite Agency.

The Canadian company took visual cues from space agency NASA, incorporating a minimal black, white and silver colour scheme with flashes of red.

A striking sans serif typography spells out the acronym ALT across the front of the tubes, which stands for Advanced Liquid Technologies.

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Elbow Pipe by Ninon Choplin

Elbow Pipe by Ninon Choplin

These transparent glass pipes were designed by ceramist Ninon Choplin for smoking accessories brand Tetra.

Made from a single piece of glass, the pipe, which are twisted into playful curves come in shades of dark blue and light pink. Choplin hoped that the striking items could be confused with a traditional homeware accessory and that they wouldn't look out of place in any home.

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Dosist cannabis dispenser

Dose Dial by Dosist

Cannabis dispenser Dose Dial is a pocket-sized gadget targeted at marijuana users who embrace the medicinal qualities of the drug.

Los Angeles-based brand Dosist developed the minimalist tablet dispenser for its peppermint-flavoured tablets which dissolve under the tongue before being ingested through the gut.

Users push the button and turn the wheel with their index finger to dispense a white, 3.7-milligram tablet that has supposed calming effects on the mind.

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