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Philippe Starck designs modular Speetbox wood-burning stove

French designer Philippe Starck has created a wood-burning stove for heating brand Speeta that can be customised by combining different modules (+ slideshow).

In addition to the heating element, functions can be added to the stove by installing extra cube-shaped units. A stone-filled module stores warmth, and gradually disperses it once the stove has been turned off.

Speetbox by Starck

Storage units offer room for logs, books, or other items, and modules can be stacked on top of one another, or placed side-by-side.

"Customisation is therefore at the heart of the Speetbox by Starck concept,' said the company. "Its flexibility allows each person to adjust the energy equipment in their home to their needs and desires." 

Speetbox by Starck

"Through its flexibility and affordable price, the collection is also ideal for first-time buyers."

Speetbox can work with or without electricity, and has an airtight wood stove with a steel hearth. The company says it is more energy efficient than conventional alternatives and produces less dust than a typical fireplace.

According to Speeta, it also has dramatically reduced emissions.

Speetbox by Starck

The stove is accompanied by a set of accessories including a minimal shovel, tongs and brush, and is operated using an app that controls lighting, temperature, hot air distribution and speed of combustion.

"With Speetbox By Starck, we wanted to design something more than a simple wood-burning stove," said Speeta chairman Guillaume Boutte. "It is a genuine piece of high-performance heating furniture, embedded with all the latest technology to satisfy eco-responsible requirements."

Speetbox by Starck

Starck has designed a wide array of products in recent years, from recyclable flip-flops to voice-controlled radiator valves.

He's also the latest designer to venture into the fragrance industry, with a trio of eau de toilettes released under his new perfume label, Starck Paris.