Nobody & Co designs collection of "fantasy" furniture

Dezeen promotion: interior design company Nobody & Co has launched a series of playful products, including chairs with missing parts and a modular table that can be rearranged.

The Milan-based brand was founded in 2005 by Italian designers Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari.

The duo, who share a background in advertising, wanted to create functional designs at an affordable price, while also maintaining an element of  "fantasy".

Nobody and Co
Nobody & Co wanted to create playful designs at an affordable price, like The Missing Chairs

"We don't want to add stuff to an already full world, so we only produce pieces that don't exist, and that bring some functionality and style to our lives each and every day," said Matta.

"Our design philosophy is steered towards fantasy, where form is determined by function, but also influenced by our willingness to push boundaries and to create something that stimulates a creative reaction," the designer continued.

The Missing Chairs collection is made up of seven chairs that feature simple lines for the back and armrests in different compositions.

The chairs match the the L Double Table, which is made up of a pair of L-shaped pieces that can be rearranged into different layouts.

The frame of the Bibliochaise armchair is designed as a bookshelf, while the Piola bookcase uses a series of pegs to support books rather than a shelf.

Nobody and Co
The collection features seven minimal chairs with different layouts of back and armrests

Also available is the Pop Up mobile cabinet, which is set upon a white frame and has moveable parts for customising height. The storage unit is available in various gloss colour finishes.

Read on for more information from Nobody & Co:

The Art of New Generation Interiors

Missing Chairs

Missing Chairs is a collection of seven unique pieces of conceptual chairs. Their geometric and graphic lines allow them to alternate and to fuse with their surroundings by moving endlessly around interior or exterior spaces. Working as a whole, they conventionally occupy a place at the table. Fragmented, they can be arranged as unique bench groups, corner seating, or stand-alone objects.

Nobody and Co
The Pop Up mobile cabinet has moveable parts for customising height


Sitting and living in the middle of your favourite books is like sitting in the middle of your own mind and imagination – every book you read becomes part of you and of who you are and the Bibliochaise is here to hold and cherish your favourite reads. It is constructed as a 360 degree bookshelf, which can contain up to five linear metres of books. It is mounted on wheels and manufactured in three different finishings.

Nobody and Co
It is set on a white frame and available in a variety of colours

L Double Table

A very simple, modular and multifunctional furniture concept, L Double Table is composed of two L-shaped partner pieces, which can be arranged in various, creative ways, like in a rectangular shape or a square shape for instance. L Double Table also adjusts to its environment like a chameleon and can be completely reversed and used to form elegant elongations for all kind of interior spaces.

Nobody and Co
There is also the Bibliochaise armchair, which has an integrated bookshelf


Piola is a bookcase wall that comes in two unique designs, Piola Flesh and Piola Pop boasting a totally new shelf system designed to showcase illustrated books.

Piola Flesh has a glossy white lacquered finish with matt pegs in flesh-pink or black. Piola Pop, for its part, has a white lacquered finish, with glossy lacquered pegs and comes in 8 eye-popping colours.