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Dirk Rauscher creates human sculptures for Keøma's music video

For Keøma's new music video, Dirk Rauscher created a series of sculptural figures that gradually evolve and crumble away.

Having previously created live visuals for the German band's show, Rauscher was brought on board to create a video to accompany the Gone track.


"For one of the tracks [at the show] I used some kind of monochrome dark fractal animations," he told Dezeen. "They asked me if I'd like to produce a very simple music video just based on this."

The visual artist decided to stick to his signature aesthetic, which he describes as "digital artworks" that play around with the human form and mathematical structures.


"The idea was to create a quiet dark space with abstract landscapes and a human protagonist who dissolves," he said. "The evolving structures shift between time and space in a quite literal way."

He used Adobe Fuse to create 3D human forms that look as though they have been made from stone.


Throughout the video, the surface of these sculptural figures change, and at times looks covered in mountainous peaks.

Referring to the lyric "next time she is gone", he animated the figures to look as though they were wearing away.


"Next time she is gone means a part of her is already leaving," he said. "She is displaced, and this is how the visual effects are created."

The whole process took the artist just three weeks – a timeframe he described as "quite tight".